Do you have any expression of a strong woman?

To become a mentally strong woman, you also need to learn a lot.

Strong women are not people who always seem tough or overwhelm others. In contrast, a person who is really mentally strong is often gentle, playful and rarely affected by external environment. Thinking positively and seeing the problem objectively help us not only firmly overcome the turbulence of life, but also understand and empathize with others as well as ourselves.

So, are you a strong woman? Here are expressions of strong women that you should know about.

Not seeing perfection as a goal

We agree that we all have our own ambitions. But you know, setting too many out-of-reach targets will make us feel very pressured. Once you don't achieve what you dream, you are more likely to feel disappointed about yourself and become confused and depressed. Every hope seems to fly somewhere, and you don't know what to do with your life.

If you are a perfectionist, you will put pressure on yourself. Strong women understand that. They set goals that they can certainly achieve that goal. They know how to split up work and use their time reasonably. For them, success is important, but enjoying life is equally important too.


Not comparing themselves to others

It is not good to bring yourself to compare with others. Do you remember when you were young, how much did you hate being compared to other kids? So why do you compare yourself to others now?

This comparison will go in two directions. Either you will become envious of the person you think is more successful than you, or you will feel inferior. So, instead of being responsible for unfair life, a strong woman will learn from others to become a better version of herself.


Not looking down at their achievements

We are raised with the notion that, if you talk about your own success, you are a self-centered fool who is just boasting. But that is not true. In order to achieve success in any field, surely, you have had to try hard.

So, be proud to mention the achievements you have earned. You need to understand the difference between two concepts: pride and arrogance. Who knows, maybe while you talk about your success with sparkling eyes, you have inspired someone.


Not being defeated by their own weaknesses

Nobody is perfect. Deep inside, we all know we have weaknesses. Some people ignore them, some try to hide them, but others are comfortable to express and sometimes know how to turn them into their strength. Sometimes, we need to share our weaknesses with some people we trust. Who knows, you will get honest advice and your relationship will grow well.

Strong women know themselves well enough to be proud of their vulnerability. However, they do not let weaknesses take over life, but vice versa, they believe in themselves more. They know how to limit weaknesses and pursue goals to the end.

















By: Vivian Cooper

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