Bhutan: Is happiness easy to find?

Once you arrive at this "realm of happiness" you will feel the breath of paradise in every corner of life.

1. A civilized country


This is the only country in the world with no traffic light concept. In the capital Thimphu, despite of the sheer density of cars on narrow streets, you barely hear a horn. Life here is safe anf tranquil.

2. Advanced education


Another very interesting thing that many rich countries do not do as Bhutan is that 100% of education and health is free. All courses are taught in English from the first grade onwards. Bhutanese education does not promote scores but emphasizes human values ​​in every human being.

You will be surprised when fishing in Bhutan is not allowed in general. More than 40% of vegetarian people say absolutely no to herbicides, fertilizers and tobacco banned on a territorial basis. All the meat for visitors and the rest of the people here are imported from India.

3. Promotion of happiness and human values


The Bhutanese are largely Buddhist.That is why the Bhutanese believe in spiritual life and take great care of their spiritual life instead of just focusing on material possessions.

There are not too many physical needs here, they are satisfied with a "sufficient" life, although they may not be "full". They also learn English, internet access, social networking ... to see the outside world. The culture of saying "no" with greed, hatred and delusion is the key to open the door to happiness for Bhutanese country, and it is reflected in each person's behavior.

4. A life full of green space


In Bhutan, 70% of the area is covered by forests, not to be confused with the cleanest in the world. For years, the Bhutanese rulers have maintained a rule: For each tree cut in Bhutan, for good or bad purpose, the cutter must plant another three trees. Bhutanese people are very happy to live in the cool air, no noise, no smoking, which is the dream of many people in the world.

5. The mysterious beauty of the Himalayas


It is still interesting to go through the mountain ranges to visit the well-known Taktsang monastery. The monastery is located on the cliffs high above the clouds overlooking the beautiful Paro valley. Layers of cloud cover the monastery, making you feel like you are in half-real, half-fiction life..

On the way to Punakha, if you stop at the top of the 3100m Dochula Pass, zoom in and out you will see the majestic Himalayas and buffalo herds grazing. Wild nature also leads you through the jungle and rhododendron flowers to explore the Phobjikha Valley to visit the people to learn more about lifestyle, customs and enjoy a cup of rice wine and swoon over the beauty of land of the legendary Thunder Dragon.

By: Ava Johnson

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