7 tips successful people use to raise their children

Giving birth to babies is a hard. But raising them is even harder.

Create a good relationship between parents and children

Harvest University has been conducting a Grant study since 2003 to find out the only thing that leads to health and happiness. The results make people extremely surprised. It reveals that the answer to health and happiness is not only wealth or fame, but also relationships. The message of the study is: Good relationships help us be happier and healthier in each period. Therefore, successful parenting refers to teaching your children the importance of relationships and showing them how to nurture and maintain those relationships.


Praise and encourage children properly

Successful people are more interested in how to improve rather than how to fix the thoughts of their children by praising them for positive habits rather than simply focusing on achievement or congenital capability of the babies. According to researchers, you should not praise the child for the achievement, just praise for his or her efforts to get that achievement instead. It will permeate the child's lifelong habits of creating thoughts to improve instead of complacency in a fixed mindset.


Spend meaningful time with your children

The time and quality of the time spent with your children helps them assess the level of parental love for them. The most important thing that successful people do is to spend real time with their children, express their feelings, and say loving words. It makes these children feel they are valued and loved, helping to create emotions as well as positive thoughts for the development of the children's thoughts and feelings.


Encourage your children to do their own work

Successful people teach their children responsibility and solve problems by giving them time and space to accomplish their own tasks. By doing everything by themselves, children discover their hidden potentials. They will become more responsible, more self-confident and can mentally prepare to face the world as they grow.


Make sure your children know they are always loved and supported

If parents only show love for their children when they get good grades and protect them by not letting them play, explore and learn freely, then the growing child will always feel insecure, unprotected and unsure about themselves. Successful people often make their children believe that they are always loved and protected, and that their love does not depend on whether these children are perfect or not.


Not agree with all the needs of the children

If parents fulfill all of the children's needs, the babies will grow up thinking they are the center of the universe and assume that everyone has to accept their request. This tactic, instead, helps the children grow up in a self-effacing way and act with their own abilities. It is important to raise the children's awareness of their duties and responsibilities, and teach them what they need to do to receive worthy achievements.


Spend time confiding

Successful people encourage their children to be open in a healthy way. They actively listen to the stories as well as the feelings of their children. It makes the children feel important when their opinions are heard. At the same time, this method teaches children how to solve problems through speech, and communication, not violence. This also helps them gain communication skills when they grow up.









By: Olivia Mendoza

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