7 reasons why divorce is better than a bad marriage

There are many good things that divorce can bring to your life compared to a bad marriage.

1. You have the opportunity to meet the right person


When you get married, you unconsciously try to stay away from the opposite sex, because you don't want to make your spouse sad or jealous. Therefore, you lose many opportunities to meet good people, whom you can make friends with. Staying away from the opposite sex is not a bad thing when you are having a happy marriage. But if you feel that your marriage is gradually becoming deadlocked, divorce will help you make the way to finding a more suitable spouse in the future.

2. You can put energy into developing yourself


If you are in a bad marriage for a long time, your happiness is always threatened. This painful feeling gives you the feeling that you are losing yourself.  The truth is that a bad marriage can prevent you from doing the things you want to do in life or getting the things you deserve. If you divorce, you can stop using all your energy in a relationship that is no longer good to focus on other important goals in life.

3. You feel happier


Life is too short to waste for unworthy people, unhealthy relationships. If you feel your marriage only makes you feel lost and unhappy, it's really time to leave. Of course, divorce will shock you, but later you can open a new chapter for your life and maybe it's a happier chapter than the previous one. In fact, some studies show that both men and women feel happier within 5 years of divorce because they feel more satisfied with their lives.

4. Your children also feel happier


Many couples realize that they are not happy but still decide to stay with their spouse for their children. This can lead to big problems for your kids in the future. If you don't want to ruin your child's psychological life, you can show them how to respect each other and find a compromise. You should never forget the golden rule: When the parents are happy, the children are happy.

5. Your health may be better


Most people believe that marriage can make them stronger, but in the case of a bad marriage, this is not true anymore. In contrast, a marriage full of contradictions can be more detrimental to health than a single life or a happy marriage. Studies confirm that living in a hostile house can damage the body such as alcoholism and a long stressful working environment. So if you're still living in a bad relationship, remember that you're increasing your risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and a weak immune system.

6. You will be more charming


Even if you don't diet after a divorce, you may still realize your appearance changes unexpectedly. Many people admit that they change drastically from the inside because they start feeling better and more energetic. When their hearts start to "bloom", their appearance also changes in a better way. They started exercising, buying new clothes, wearing more makeup, etc. These changes made them feel more confident and happier.

7. You will have a more comfortable retirement time


Divorce can bring you financial benefits for a long time. Some studies prove that divorced women who do not remarry often have better lives in their old age. After divorce, they often focus on their careers and work longer hours, helping women get better retirement accounts.

By: Kelly Jonas

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