7 clever ways of refusal in communication you should know

Here are helpful tips in the art of rejection to learn how to say no in a clever way and not make anyone feel awkward.

1. Considering time

You need to realize how valuable your promises and times are. If someone asks you to help something, you need to consider whether you have enough time to do it. You can make it clear: "Sorry, but I can't do it now, my work is overloading". Let everyone know about your workload and schedule which is tight so there's no more work possible.

2. Determining priorities


Even if you have more time and you rarely have free time, do you really want to spend that time making requests or asking others? For many people, accepting more work requests also means spending less time on your family and yourself. You should clearly define whether you prioritize your work or family, friends, relationships first to choose to spend your time on more important things.

3. Practicing saying "no"


Exercising more refusals as a habit will help you behave more skillfully in many subsequent situations. After the first time, you find it difficult to refuse, you will gradually feel more comfortable and relieved. Repeating this is also an effective way of coping with people who insist on making suggestions. Once you practice saying "no" many times, you will not feel too uncomfortable because you feel sorry.

4. Identifying the abusers


The important thing in every communication situation is to keep polite. However, being friendly and kind when you say yes will make you more tired. When you let others take advantage of your time and effort once, they will continue to do so the next time. However, if you set your own limits, they will no longer bother you and actively seek out others to make it easier to ask. Show others that you are not easy by resolutely refusing the request of those who just want to take advantage of you.

5. Being ready to say no to the boss


Sometimes you will feel that it is very difficult to say no to your boss because if you refuse, your boss will think that you do not manage well. However, explain to your boss that too many requirements can reduce your productivity and affect the quality of work. In case you can't refuse a job request from your boss, review the order in which you are working to find a way to deal.

6. Answering after review

Instead of saying no right after someone has just spoken to you, it's better if you take some time to think and answer later. This will help you consider and review the list of priority jobs. This is a wise way of helping you to keep the feelings of others because you are not quick to refuse the offer too quickly.

7. The work is not suitable


Of course, you will not be able to help someone do anything without knowing about it or not having the necessary skills at work. A timely decline will help both you and others not waste time and effort. Before accepting a request or a promise to do something, always judge carefully whether you can afford it or not.

By: Gitta Russell

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