6 strange ways of dating and expressing love in the world

In different cultures, the concept of love and the way of expressing emotions are also different in a variety of forms.

Expressing love with red powder


In some parts of India, every year in March, the young men and women here gather together in a ceremony. Any boy who likes a girl will take a red powder to sprinkle on the girl. Sprinkling the powder many times but the girl still has no reaction, the boy has to find another object. If the girl intends to receive his love, she will take the red powder and sprinkle it again on the boy.

Expressing love with not only words

In Africa, the Maasai in Tanzania often seek love through celebratory ceremonies after each hunting trip, when warriors line up to form a rainbow in front of unmarried girls, then all of them together dance in the drum.

While carrying out the passionate choreography, the Maasai boys look at the girls to find the girl they like and jump while approaching. If the girl has feelings for that person and accepts the boy, the girl will not dance anymore and stand still for a while then go get a milk bottle as a gift for that boy.

Splashing water


In Poland, when the Dyngus festival begins, the boys and girls will splash water or perfume on the person they like. The boys can express their feelings by using soft willow branches to hit the girl. This custom of dating has been around for a long time and is still present in large areas of Poland.

Suffering a spanking to have a wife

In Nigeria, there is an Ibo tribe, when a young man admires and asks for a girl, he will have to "taste" a girl's beat without being attacked again. Ibo people conceive that a man who could stand the pain was eligible to receive the girl's love and be able to be a husband, which shows the courage and bravery of a man. If the girl is sympathetic, she will be gentle so that the boy does not hurt, the spanking is only a formality.

Biting the nose to express love

In the Pacific, the expression of the love of young people on the Trobriand Islands is proactive by girls. The girls here have a very unique way of confessing. When finding the guy she likes, the girl will wait for a good opportunity to approach him. When the boy does not take precautions, the girl will suddenly come to bite him on the nose. In the case of the agreement, the boy will have to smile brightly even though his nose is still very painful. If he does not agree, the boy will have to compensate for the girl with a cow or a pig.

Expressing love through eating


In the nineteenth century in Austria, girls who liked someone often gave them a few slices of apples they made themselves. The boys, if he wanted to completely conquer and go out with her, he had to pinch the apple slices under your armpit while dancing. If he really cared and wanted to go out with her, he would have to eat that apple as soon as the dance ends. After completing this, both would officially date.

By: Joshua Thompson

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