4 most powerful cats in the world

Cats are not only pets, close friends with humans, but they can also earn a lot of money thanks to their talents, fame and unique careers.


Larry is known as the most powerful cat in the UK. It was moved to live at No. 10 Downing Street since 2011 and held the position of "Chief Mouser" of the Cabinet Office. Larry's main job is described as welcoming guests, browsing the security team and taking a nap on the old interior items in the building.


Although it is adopted to handle mice in the office, Larry's performance is not very good. During its career, Larry only caught an average of no more than 1-2 mice a year.


Regardless of how the world is outside or the rats are eager to fight, 12-year-old Larry still enjoys life as a "noble", only eats, sleeps and sunbaths. Larry is very popular and has a lot of fans. It often receives gifts from people in over the country.


In addition to being home to the oldest steam engines in the United States, Nevada Northern Railway station also attracts visitors thanks to the wild cat named Dirt. Dirt is known as the "brand ambassador" of this station. Its daily job is to walk around the area to make sure everything is working well, to take pictures with visitors and to catch mice.


It was called Dirt because the 11-year-old cat often rolls in the remaining coal dust on the engine floor, climbs on the train so that its fur was always full of black spots. Its also has no interest in licking and cleaning hair like other normal cats.


Dirt likes to walk with visitors and is caressed by them. It is this friendliness that makes Dirt increasingly popular and has fans around the world. The head of passenger services at the station said Dirt-related souvenirs such as T-shirts, magnets, key chains, and coffee cups are always out of stock because there are too many people ordering.


Felix is a special employee of Huddersfield (England), currently holding the title "Advanced Pest Control Expert". Felix was adopted by employees at Huddersfield railway station when it was two months old.


Felix's main responsibility is to catch mice, insects, and pests that appeared at the train station. In addition to wearing the uniform and badge as a genuine employee, Felix is also given a private way. Since Feliz arrived, the number of rats in the station has decreased significantly. The staff and passengers all love this hard cat.


Nitama (8 years old) or Tama II is assigned to be the chief of Kishi Station at Idakiso Station in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. Nitama is the successor manager after Tama died in 2015.


A shift of a 4-foot station head lasts about 6 hours a day and only breaks on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Nitama also has a personal assistant named Yontama cat (Tama IV), working at Idakiso station.


Nitama and its colleagues are considered the lucky symbol of Kishigawa Line. In addition to the task of catching the mouse, the appearance of the cats helped the station attract visitors and escape the closing due to slowness.

By: Grace White

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