12 ways to relieve stress for each zodiac signs

Running helps Aries to release negative energy. Meanwhile, aromatic essential oils help Taurus to relax completely.

Aries: Running

Aries is dynamic, active and likes to conquer challenges. Thus, running and jogging are a very appropriate way of releasing stress. Running helps this zodiac sign to release the body and negative energy within them. On the other hand, Aries is a zodiac of speed. Therefore, the state of fast movement will help their minds calm, focused and clear.


Taurus: Relaxing with aromatic essential oils

Taurus is the zodiac ruled by Venus - the goddess of beauty and luxury. Therefore, this zodiac sign will feel most comfortable when enjoying anything that satisfies their senses. A little aromatic oil in a hot tub or an aroma candle with delightful scent will help Taurus to relax completely.


Gemini: Writing a diary

Most of Gemini love letters. Even the quietest and most introspective Gemini wants to turn their thoughts and emotions into sentences. The ideal way to relieve stress for this zodiac is to concentrate all energy and spirit in about 20 minutes to write down their mind. When you are done, you might even love what you wrote.


Cancer: Opening the memory box

As a zodiac sign of emotions, Cancer always gives deep respect to precious memories of the past. When they are engulfed in the chaotic emotion of stress, the best solution is to open their memory box, which contains old photographs, hand-written cards or torn notebooks with cherished messages in the corner of the room.


Leo: Self-praising

Leo is a zodiac sign that really loves themselves. They are enthusiastic, confident and interested in investing a lot of money and effort into their appearance. Therefore, whenever they feel stressed, self-motivation with praise to your strengths will help Leo to feel even more comfortable and confident.


Virgo: Practicing yoga

The mind of a typical Virgo always works 24/7. Thus, they are the most vulnerable to stress among the 12 zodiac signs. To relieve stress, try to register a classic yoga class or practice some gentle yoga moves at home. This sport is very suitable for the body and spirit of Virgo.


Libra: Watching a romantic comedy movie

When the world does not meet their expectations, Libra will spend time to enjoy a romantic comedy. The humor and affection in the film will help Libra relax and regain spirit to continue enjoying their life.


Scorpion: Listening to music

Scorpion is a zodiac sign with very deep soul. So, in order to recharge their battery, Scorpio should give themselves a quiet time listening to the music that matches their mood at the moment. Rhythm and deep lyrics will help the zodiac understand and manage their emotions better.


Sagittarius: Talking

The most appropriate remedy for the most outgoing zodiac is conversations. Sharing their thoughts with friends or relatives will help the Sagittarius to be wiser in order to their problems face bravely.


Capricorn: Doing housework

Capricorn is hardworking people. They like to feel good when the work is done well. When it comes to relaxing, completing simple household chores like washing dishes, folding clothes or cleaning the home will make this zodiac feel way better.


Aquarius: Playing intellectual games

Aquarius is an intelligent and erudite zodiac, who is capable of being calm in almost every situation, so this zodiac is less attacked by stress. A little mental training in the form of some game like chess or a puzzle with friends will help Aquarius solve stress, while increasing their ability to focus and come up with interesting ideas.


Pisces: Meditating

Being the most spiritual zodiac, the fastest and most appropriate way to eliminating stress for Pisces is meditation. You can start by simply choosing a really quiet, clean and comfortable place to start any kind of meditation that suits you.


By: Olivia Mendoza

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