A fortune teller told a guy that he would be nothing more than a thief.


A young guy went to see a fortune teller. After a while, the teller said shortly:

-  Sorry, but I will have to tell you the truth. In the near future, you will be nothing more than just a thief.

The young guy got out angrily. Since then, he decided to work hard to not become a theft as what the stupid fortune teller told him.

Ten years later, the guy became a successful man with a beautiful wife and two lovely children. He returned to the old fortune teller, smirking:

- Well well, your words were totally wrong.

The fortune teller just smiled and said:

- Yes, I see now that you are a rich man. You work hard. You earn a lot. But don’t you have to steal your own money from your wife's purse every day?

By: Mithrine Smith

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