The trap

How to catch a mouse?


A woman called the hospital at dawn:

- Doctor! Doctor! - The woman said with panicked voice. - Last night my husband slept with his mouth open. Later a mouse sneaked in his mouth. What should I do now?

The doctor thought for a moment and said:

- The fastest way now is to make a trap. Find a rope, tie a piece of cheese and then drop it into your husband's mouth. Then wait for the mouse to bite the cheese and then pull the rope up slowly.

The woman sighed and replied:

- Okay, I get it. Thank you doctor. But let me go to the market to buy fish head first.

- Why fish head? - The doctor asked curiously.

The woman sighed again:

- Well, I forgot to mention. I have to try to get the cat out of my husband's mouth first.




By: Kimmy Brown

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