How to get smarter

What is the secret behind huge brains?


Green was famous as the smartest fish seller in town. One day, a curious buyer asked him:

- Green, what makes you so smart?

- Usually I do not reveal this secret! - Green whispered. - But you are a good man and I will tell you. Fish heads. The more you eat, the smarter you are.

The customer asked excitedly:

- So you sell fish head?

- Yes! - Green replied happily - $4 each.

The customer buys 3 heads. A week later, he returned to the shop complaining:

- Those fish heads taste terrible, and even after I finished them all I'm still not smart at all!

Green replied calmly:

- It's because you have not eaten enough. You have to eat as much as you can.

The customer continued to buy 20 fish heads. A week later, he turned and shouted:

- What did you think? $4 head? With $ 2 I can buy a big fish. Are you fooling me?

Green laughed:

- See? Now you are smarter!


By: Kimmy Brown

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