Happy couples

How to tell if a couple is happy or not?


Two women talked to each other:

- Yesterday, I had such wonderful evening. How about you?

- Terrible. My husband just went back to work, spent 5 minutes at the table, then went to bed. Were you happy?

- Of course. Yesterday my husband took me to a restaurant for dinner. Then we walked home together, and finally enjoyed the candlelit atmosphere in our bedroom. Everything was like a dream.

At the same time, two men were talking to each other at the company. A man asked:

- How were you yesterday, bro?

- It was great. When I went back to work, the food was ready on the table. I had a quick dinner and a great sleep until this morning. How about you?

- It's pathetic. When I came home from work, my wife had not cooked anything. There was no electricity because we did not pay the bill last month. So I decided to take my wife out for dinner, but did not expect that restaurant to be so expensive. After dinner I did not have a single penny to call any cab, so we had to walk more than an hour. When I came home, I remembered that there was no electricity so I had to use old candles to light up the whole house.



By: Mithrine Smith

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