First date

What should you do in your first date?


Dave happened to see his best friend sitting, drinking beer alone in the corner of a bar. He asked curiously:

- What is it, Thomas? Why do you look so sad?

Looking up at Dave, Thomas sadly replied:

- Well, remember the girl I told you? We have been dating online for a month. And yesterday, things got really messy…

- What's wrong? - Dave surprised - Didn't you two plan to meet for the first time yesterday?

Thomas sighed:

- Yes. I'm a little lost, too. Obviously I did what my mother told me, but didn't expect her to react like that!

Dave felt confused:

- What did your mother say?

Thomas replied:

- Mommy told me in the first date, I should buy some food home to prepare a romantic dinner with her.

- Great idea. Then what happened?

Thomas sighed again:

- Couldn't agree more. Yesterday, after work, I immediately went to the supermarket to buy a lot of cooking ingredients. I even got home early. However, when the girl came in the evening, she refused to cook…





By: Gitta Russell

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