Favor at the hospital

How to do someone a favor at the hospital?


A nurse at the hospital brought a letter of recommendation to the cinema to ask for free ticket to see a documentary. The cinematographer found her kind of pretty, so he cheerfully said:

- Of course, here is a free ticket for the lady! But, I do you a favor. So when I go to the hospital, you should do me a favor too. Right?

- Oh, that's too easy, I promise to give you our best service.

- What is it then?

- I will help you clean, bathe and repair the bed mattress to sleep. All by myself.

- Oh my God. It will be my pleasure to be taken care by such a lovely lady. What if tomorrow I have to get there right away? How could I find you?

- It’s easy, sir. Just ask for Mrs. Hopkins, the female nurse to serve at the morgue.

By: Lily Haney

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