100 kisses

A husband sent 100 kisses to his wife...


A husband had to work far away from his family. One day, the husband wrote a letter to his wife in his hometown. In the letter, he said shortly: "Honey, at this moment your husband's income is heavily affected by economic crisis. I do not have any money to send to you, so now I will send you a hundred kisses instead!"

Not long after, the wife replied:

"My dear husband, I received 100 kisses you sent, so now I send you a report about the situation of expenditures as follows:

1. 20 kisses for the teacher, our boys go to school without any tuition fee to pay.

2. 10 kisses for the electrician, now our house's electricity is not cut off anymore.

3. 10 kisses for the milk man, so we have enough milk for the whole month.

4. 10 kisses for the policeman, now no one in town dare to mess with us anymore.

5. 50 kisses for our neighbor, so our children and I have free food, and a free gardener.

The letter is quite long now, I think I should stop here. Please forgive me because I cannot kiss you now, as I have to save the kisses. Now I do not many left to use.

Love you."

By: Kimmy Brown

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