What is more difficult, weight gain or loss?

 Weight loss is a problem that many people are tired of, however, with thin people, weight gain is equally difficult.

Why do you eat more but not gain weight?


Many people think that just eating more than before will excess calories and gain weight. In fact, some cases of this method still do not improve physique because they eat too little (eat more than before but not yet reach the level body needs), the body does not absorb or get sick.

You can only improve by exercising and incorporating a proper diet. When your body moves, you will increase metabolism, eat more, absorb well. It is important that you know what you should do, how your body needs to eat and eat. The majority of them make mistakes that take too long, lasting 2-3 hours in a practice session. Excessive exhaustion, fatigue, you will not want to eat but just sleep. At this time, your body is less fat.


Thin people should not exercise too heavy, should increase the intensity and weight of the weight gradually, suitable for health, the movement time of about 40-60 minutes per day. As long as you train properly the body will stimulate the appetite.

The easiest way to gain weight is nutrition. This determines whether or not you can gain weight. You can eat whatever you like. However, you should also pay close attention to the amount of protein your body has to build muscle. They work to gain weight but do not store as much fat as those who eat only starches and grease.

In addition, thin people should deworm periodically, add yogurt and enzyme digestion. Each meal should not eat too much, divide the menu into several meals during the day. The amount of food should not increase suddenly, which can cause overloading of the digestive system.

Why do you fail to lose weight?


Two main causes why overweight and obese people difficult to improve physique usually are overeating, excess calories leading to fat accumulation, and diseases of the thyroid, syndrome, diabetes type 2, etc.

In the first case, you need to understand the only rule to reduce your body fat is the number of calories you need to eat less than your calories. Most people choose to eat less or fast to lose weight. This method works quickly, but not optimal and long-term. Weight loss is mainly water. When cutting too many calories, you will not maintain this mode for long and easily eat more back. At this point, you will gain weight quickly. In addition, many other health problems will result from this lack of scientifically weight loss. In the second case, you need to see a doctor for the best treatment. The overweight people have the ability to do well on weightlifting exercises, which help to burn more calories during exercise. However, they are often lazy, act slowly.


The hardest thing for people who want to lose fat is to change their diet. The habit of eating innocently for many years must be adjusted, so you should reduce the number of calories suitable for long-term body adaptation until reaching the target weight.


Gaining or losing weight have different advantages and disadvantages. It is important that you have proper eating methods. Both cases need time to change and plan in the long-term.

By: Roxana Edwards

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