What exercises and foods help Neymar enhance endurance?

Just like his teammates, the 26-year-old striker has been training and eating well to maintain his fitness.

Neymar plays an indispensable role in Paris Saint-Germain F.C. He is also a key player of the Brazil national football team. In order to maintain his successful career in many years, in addition to his natural talent, Neymar has to adhere to hard training as well as a healthy diet.

Workout routine 

To increase his body weight and strength, Neymar mainly performs strength training and specialized exercises combined with gym to gain his best physique. Before every gym session, he always does some warm up exercises like stretching and jumping. 

Neymar does exercises for his legs and thighs. Next, he performs jumping, works out his buttocks, cycles and runs for 5 minutes. After that, he moves to a series of exercises that focus on the flexibility of the legs like leaping and jumping over obstacles. In the next stage of the workout, there is an uninterrupted 10-minute run. Neymar also practices with a rubber ball or works out his arm strength with dumbbells and some other gym equipment. 

Sharing with CNN, Neymar says that his favorite training is core exercises. The thought they are the hardest ones, but very necessary for professional athletes like him as those exercises will help increase the flexibility of the body. 

Owning a lean body, Neymar focuses on performing core exercises, increasing flexibility and endurance. Photo: The18.  

Nutritional regime  

Neymar has admitted he loves to eat junk food, fast food. However, in order to gain muscles for his slim body, Neymar was forced to cut down on this unhealthy eating habit. This really helps Neymar avoid uncontrollably gaining weight which can hamper his speed and agility - his defining features. 

In order to build his physical strength, Neymar has always been on a high-calorie diet. He consumes about 2,600-3,300 calories per day. This is the standard for a male who is physically active at his age. However, Neymar’s experts have had to select the sources of calories, about 60% from carbohydrates, 30% from protein and 10% from fat, vitamins and other nutrients.  

Neymar sticks to a well-planned diet to get an ideal physique. Photo: Getty Images 

Although carbohydrates are not the essential factor for muscle growth, Neymar uses complex carbs as his main source of energy. Complex carbs take a long time to be broken down and thus provide an ideally sustainable energy source for athletes. Neymar’s diet usually contains whole-wheat flour, brown rice and potatoes. 

When it comes to building muscles, protein plays an integral part and has to be on the list. Many people have directly commented that Neymar is rather thin as an athlete. Therefore, his nutritionists are very cautious in choosing the sources of protein for him. To strengthen his lean muscles, Neymar avoids consuming protein sources that contain large amounts of cholesterol and fat. Instead, he eats a lot of fish, spinach, and lentils depending on his weight because they all contain large contents of protein but have little fat. 

Neymar’s menu for 06 meals: 

- Meal 1: 09 eggs + 28 grams of cheese + 1/2 cup of chopped tomatoes 

- Meal 2: 03 tablespoons of whey + 02 tablespoons of flaxseeds 

- Meal 3: 227 grams of chicken + 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil + spinach salad (or tomato salad) 

- Meal 4: 02 tablespoons of whey + sports drinks 

- Meal 5 5: 227 grams of chicken + spinach + 1/2 cup of brown rice + 1/2 tablespoons of olive oil 

- Meal 6: 02 tablespoons whey + fish oil 

By: Chris Stewart

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