7 bad consequences of skipping breakfast

According to scientists, skipping breakfast in the long run may do harm to your body.

1. Bad effect on the heart


According to a study published on JAMA, men who skipped breakfast had 27 percent higher risk of heart attack than those who did not. Dr Leah Cahill, who led the study, supported that eating healthy breakfasts could prevent heart attacks.

In addition, in some people, when they are not getting enough glucose, the body will use stored glucose, which makes the heart and brain cells function ineffectively. This leads to dizziness, and fast heart beat. In addition, the deficiency of glucose affects the heart and brain to the the extent that people will experience shortness of breath, anemia; more seriously it can lead to organ damage.

2. Risk of diabetes type 2

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health conducted a study to find out the correlation between eating habits and health. 46,289 women participated in the study for about 6 years. The study shows that women who skipped breakfast had a 54% risk of developing type 2 diabetes, higher than that of those eating breakfast everyday.

3. Weight gain


The omission of breakfast will promote appetite for sugary and fatty foods. The more hungry your are, the more food you eat. This sometimes exceeds your daily calorie intake and leads to weight gain.

4. Effect on memory

According to a study published in the journal Physiological Behavior in 1999, a British team conducted a study of 144 healthy people, divided into three groups. One group was given a healthy breakfast, the second was coffee, and the third group did not eat breakfast. The group was then monitored for a few hours. People who did not eat breakfast showed the worst memory skills and the highest levels of fatigue.

5. Affects cognitive ability


A study was conducted on a group of adolescents aged 12-15 in two trials. At first, the group was allowed to eat breakfast and in the second attempt, the group was asked not to eat breakfast. The results show that when breakfast is eaten, the higher the accuracy of their visual test was achieved.

6. The cause of migraine


Skipping meals reduces the amount of sugar that triggers the release of hormones that can compensate for low blood glucose levels. This, on the other hand, it raises blood pressure, causing migraines.

7. Hair loss


Failure to do enough daily protein intake can prevent hair growth and causes hair loss. So, if you want to have healthy hair, you should include a protein-rich breakfast in your diet.

By: Oliver Murphy

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