Chia seeds: 6 times more calcium-rich than milk

Experts recommend adults should consume at least 1,000 mg of calcium per day. What should we eat to achieve this level best without milk?

Most of us think that milk is good for health. For children, milk helps bone stronger and higher, as it is the most calcium-rich food source. But reality shows that milk is not really considered "superfood" as people still praise. Because unlike children, adults are not "benefiting" much from milk.

Almost 40% of adults worldwide can digest milk properly and only 5% of Asians tolerate milk. The reason is that milk is usually for children, not for adults. Because the baby's bowel produces lactase, it breaks down the milk for proper digestion.

In addition, the gene that produces lactase stops working when they grow up. Beginning at age 5, the body has shown signs of stopping lactase production. This information has led to drastically reduced worldwide consumption of milk over the years. For example, in the United Kingdom, milk sales have dropped 30% in the past 20 years.


Chia seeds: 6 times more calcium-rich than milk

Currently. there are many foods that provide calcium is not inferior to milk. It can be spinach, tofu, kale, and of course chia seeds. Studies have found that chia seeds contain about six times the calcium content of milk. Just about three teaspoons of chia seeds contain 233 milligrams of calcium, the equivalent of the calcium contained in a glass of milk (299 mg). 

The health benefits of chia seeds


The USDA's Agricultural Research Service report shows that chia seeds are rich in essential nutrients for humans. Scientific research of the University of California (USA) showed that the chia seeds bring many good benefits for our body.

1. Preventing aging

Researchers from Mexico recently discovered that split grains contain a lot of antioxidants that limit the formation of free radicals by up to 70%, thereby slowing down the aging process.

2. Improving the digestive system

Chia seeds contain 1.6 times more fiber than barley, 2.3 times than wheat, 2.6 times than oats and 9.8 times than rice. So, just 2 teaspoons of split grain, you have loaded into the body 10 grams of fiber equivalent to one-third of the fiber needed per day.


3. Supporting for diabetes treatment

Researchers at the University of Litora say the chia seeds are able to regulate insulin levels, which can reduce blood insulin levels, thereby helping to reduce diabetes symptoms because of their high levels of alpha-linolenic acid and fiber.

4. Helping build muscle and lose weight


Chia seeds also contain many proteins, so this is the ideal food for those who are looking to lose weight or build muscle. They also contain lots of antioxidants, helping to replace any nutrients your body loses during exercise.

5. Improving cardiovascular health

Split seeds are also proven to help fight inflammation and regulate cholesterol, so it is good for the heart and blood vessels.


Because of the health benefits and high calcium level, chia seeds are considered as a milk replacer for adults and children who do not tolerate lactose in milk.


By: Samantha Martinez

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