A cup of coffee before heading to the gym, why not?

A cup of coffee not only provides the same benefits as functional foods but is also an extremely economical solution.

Coffee has long been a great morning drink that cannot be ignored by many. But does caffeine in the drink actually cause an "explosion" in bodybuilding? For some people, the answer is obviously yes.

Although people sell a lot of muscle-boosting or functional food, you can save quite a bit with a simple cup of coffee with the same benefits.


Why coffee is beneficial when you work out?

There are no accurate statistics, but many bodybuilders and athletes have confirmed that coffee is more effective than the pre-training supplements, although both contain caffeine. The stimulant in coffee is great in promoting athletic performance. In a report by Men's Health, Megan Medrano of Run Whole Nutrition shares that drinking coffee could improve exercise performance and prolong your workout from 5 to 20 minutes, as long as you use coffee with snack before practice.

Your body still needs a sufficient amount of carbohydrates, fats and proteins to provide energy for the entire workout. If you want to add coffee to your energy plan before heading to the gym, make sure you drink coffee at your main meal or snack.

Coaches, stuntmen and even gymnast athletes also admit that they often choose coffee when they want more energy before exercise. This caffeine-rich drink has many positive benefits, from generating more energy to burning fatty acids.


When should you drink coffee?

If you are using coffee for a workout supplement, a cup in the morning is simply not enough. You may feel refreshed with your first cup of coffee in the morning, but that does not mean it will last all day. Coffee wakes your body by dispersing caffeine into your blood for 5 to 6 hours. The stimulating effects of coffee will work in your body during this time.

But when does efficiency reach its peak? At what point will your body get the most out of the stimulation that caffeine provides? The answer is not too long after you finish your new cup of coffee. If you are looking for a way to work out when caffeine works best, you should drink a cup of coffee 45 minutes before practice. It is also the best time for snack before exercising.


Studies prove that caffeine concentration reaches its peak about 45 minutes after consumption. After that, your body will burn caffeine, reducing its effect. So, if you practice properly about 45 minutes after drinking coffee, you will experience the max effect of caffeine before your body saturates it.

In fact, caffeine dose does not affect the peak of caffeine in the body. Whether you are drinking a cup of basic Starbucks or other strong coffee, the saturation will peak around 45 minutes later. Just make sure you do not consume over 400 milligrams of caffeine (equivalent to four cups of coffee) a day, according to a warning by the Mayo Clinic.

By: Frank Callaghan

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