7 notions of health that people often mistake

During World War II, in order to deceive German troops, British troops spread rumors that they shot planes well because they ate a lot of carrots which brightened their eyes.

There are many health concepts that we think are true, but they are not necessarily. Here are the common health misunderstandings that we all need to understand to protect our health.

Fruit juice is always a good choice


Fruit juice is very delicious and is loved by many people. Fruit juice also appears in the menu of weight loss methods. However, fruit juice also contains sugar and the sugar of a canned juice is equivalent to a carbonated soft drink.

Snacking is good for health


Snacking can be a healthy habit because it helps people avoid overeating at one meal. However, if taken too often, this habit is harmful to health, causing you to neglect three main meals. Besides, the majority of junk food is prepared food containing sugar and preservatives, leading to cancer risk.

Fasting is harmful to health


Intermittent fasting can help prevent diseases like diabetes and obesity by promoting the body to produce brain-enhancing proteins that function as antidepressants. Scientists say fasting can prolong our life expectancy and help cells in the body longer. Every day, you should rest your bowels for at least 12 hours.

Yogurt is always good


Yogurt has a high nutritional value and provides the body with a large number of beneficial bacteria so it is good for people with gastrointestinal diseases. However, most canned yogurt contains a certain amount of sugar. If you crave yogurt, choose it without sugar and sprinkle some dried fruits to enjoy.

Egg yolk contains a lot of cholesterol, so eat egg white only


There is no evidence that cholesterol in eggs leads to high cholesterol. A Finnish study found that eating an egg every day did not affect the risk of stroke, even in people with poor cholesterol metabolism. Although egg yolk contains a bit more calories when compared to egg white, these calories are negligible and do not make you gain weight.

Eating as few carbs as possible


Carbohydrates are not bad. Carbohydrates from quinoa seeds, bananas, apples, beans even help reduce blood pressure and slim down the waistline. You should only avoid refined carbohydrates in white biscuits or bread.

Eating carrots can brighten the eyes


Carrots rich in vitamin A are good for eye health but don't help you see better. This is actually a rumor from World War II. In order to deceive the German troops, the British troops spread rumors that their soldiers shot planes well because they ate a lot of carrots to brighten their eyes.

By: Gitta Russell

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