12 precious advices of the world's leading experts to fight cancer

Cancer is the most frightening disease today, so you should pay attention to the valuable advices below to prevent it.


1. Limit sugary foods and snacks: These foods can cause fatty deposits to lead liver damage and increase the risk of liver cancer. Experts predict that this non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is the leading cause of liver cancer and the rate of liver cancer will increase significantly in the next few years.


2. Limit stress: Your immune system needs to be in optimal condition to find and destroy cancer cells. A calm lifestyle will promote a better immune system. If the body does not have to spend too much time preoccupied with the physical and emotional effects of quarrels in life, the immune system can focus better on healing and protecting health. Experts advise you to practice your ability to control your stress levels, especially about things that are out of control.


3. Actively use pure olive oil, broccoli, turmeric, garlic and limit refined sugar, refined carbohydrates, saturated animal fats, and proven toxic chemicals and pesticides to reduce the risk of cancer.


4. Take regular health checks: This is important for proactive screening for cancer. Many people can be cured or have better results when detected early. Also, check yourself regularly at home to understand any changes in your own body.


5. Get a full vaccination: Most people do not know that some viruses can cause cancer and there are special vaccines available to prevent them, for example, the vaccines for HPV (the virus accounts for 70% of cervical cancer), for hepatitis B and hepatitis C (the virus can cause liver cancer).


6. Maintain weight: Obesity and overweight are related to many types of cancer. To ensure a controlled weight, experts encourage you to do exercises regularly, get enough sleep, choose foods low in carcinogens and balance life between family and work.


7. Always apply sunscreen before going out: Sunscreen is great for protecting the skin, but that's not the only way to protect you from harmful UV rays. Combine the use of sunscreen with a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses that are UV-resistant when outdoors. In addition, you should refrain from playing sports at hot periods.


8. Be active in gardening: Connecting with nature is an effective way to maintain a calm lifestyle and strengthen the immune system to fight cancer cells. This also helps relieve stress effectively.


9. Do exercises regularly: People who regularly participate in physical activities have a longer lifespan and are at lower risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, depression, and some cancers. Obesity and sedentary lifestyle are linked to cancer-related deaths, including two of the most common cancers in the United States: breast and colon cancers.


10. Do not smoke: Tobacco is strongly related to the development of some cancers, such as lung cancer and esophageal cancer. In fact, tobacco consumption accounts for at least 30% of all cancer deaths, especially lung cancer in both men and women. Therefore, the habit of avoiding or quitting smoking can significantly reduce the risk of cancer.


11. Stimulate the brain to be active: You can start with simple changes in your daily activities. For example, brushing your teeth with an unfavorable hand is an easy way to change your habit. Even such a small change causes an increase in the level of connections between nerve cells in the brain. Experiencing new things and enhancing your daily challenges will keep your brain healthy.


12. Indulge in your personal preferences: To stay away from cancers, each person not only needs to live healthily but also must have a happy life. It is necessary to reduce the risk of cancers and all other health problems are to establish a balance in life. Thus, do the most things that make you feel happy, whether it's a crazy work or hobby.

By: Jimmy Saunders

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