10 bizarre diseases on the planet that few people believe

Purple urine or bark-like skin is one of the strange diseases that researchers have not found their cause and cure so far.


1. The disease causes white hair after only 1 night: If your hair suddenly turns white due to stress or bad news, you may have Marie Antoinette syndrome. A hypothesis includes an autoimmune disorder targeting melanin and affecting pigment production.


2. Water allergy: Most of us take a shower and swim without feeling anxious. However, for a few people, frequent contact with water will cause them to develop hives. According to CNN, only 30 people are diagnosed with this disease, most of them women. According to the US National Institutes of Health (NIH), no specific cause or cure for the disease has yet been found.


3. The disease turns urine into purple: The substance called porphyrin accumulates too much in the liver and when released, it turns the color of urine and purple into purple. Many experts have hypothesized that the cause of the disease may be caused by bipolar disorder, but there is no specific medical report on this strange disease.


4. The disease causes you to crave paint or other types of objects: People with cravings for unusual things such as paint, clay, chalk, soap, plaster, and dirt are diagnosed with Pica disease. Appetite usually lasts for more than 1 month. These symptoms are most commonly seen in pregnant women or children. The syndrome may be due to lack of minerals, but experts have not agreed on the cause and treatment of the disease.


5. The disease makes you feel shrunk: According to the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine, people with Alice in Wonderland syndrome feel that they are shrunk or exaggerated quickly and often believe things look smaller than reality. Research has linked this condition to migraine.


6. The disease makes you age 7 times faster: The disease usually occurs in children 1 or 2 years old, making the patient look old and gradually losing hair. Finally, these children lose most of their body fat and appear more and more wrinkles, making them look much older than their actual age. No treatment has been found and the average patient will die at age 14, according to the Progeria Research Organization.


7. The disease makes you always think you're dead: People with Cotard syndrome believe that they are dead and rotten or even lose at least one body part. They often refuse to eat or bathe because they are worried that their body's loss of digestive system to handle food or water will wash away fragile body parts. Research shows that this syndrome has a serious effect in areas of the brain that sense emotions, leading to a sense of separation. Fortunately, there are drugs that can treat this condition specifically.


8. The disease makes you feel no pain: A small part of the world population will not feel anything if they are pinched or bitten. This may be a symptom of congenital pain loss, a genetic mutation that prevents the body from sending pain signals to the brain. Affected people may not realize they are injured or burned, so they may not accept treatment. Repeated injuries can also shorten the patient's lifespan.


9. The disease turns skin into bark: Also known as tree syndrome, this rare condition causes a bark-like substance to develop on the skin of an infected person. Although there are about 600 cases occurring each year, this abnormal condition continues to confuse the doctors. Surgery may temporarily eliminate the growth, but medical researchers have yet to find a complete cure.


10. The disease makes you really feel the pain of others: Everyone has mirror neurons in the brain, that's why we can cry when we see the tears of others. But many people with neutrons reflecting excessive activities, which overreacts the feelings of others. This situation makes people really feel physical sensations when they see others hurt.

By: Emily Garcia

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