Why don’t we really want to eat in hot summer?

In summer, hot weather makes many people feel tired and just want to skip meals.

Many people think that the stomach is the organ that control the appetite. However, the brain is responsible for this mechanism. Usually, human appetite is controlled by the hypothalamus, which is considered the center of the brain. It also stimulates the stomach’s satisfaction, resulting in the feeling of fullness. 

The hypothalamus binds to ghrelin, the hormone that causes hunger from the stomach and the hypothalamus, to recognize the hunger, promote the satisfaction and regulate your appetite. 

You are advised to make your menu diverse. Photo: Huffington Post. 

Summer is the time when the temperature is at the highest level of the year. It will directly affect the appetite mechanism. The human body is very sensitive and intelligent, it prioritizes biological processes according to the conditions that affect them. 

Specifically, the high temperature makes your body try to regulate the heat by sweating to cool yourself. This causes dehydration in the body, resulting in reduced appetite and fatigue. In particular, for those who perform heavy tasks or work outdoors in a hot environment, the dehydration and electrolyte imbalance become even much more serious. Therefore, they get tired quickly and just do not want to eat. 

When the body sweats, the hypothalamus will pay less attention to your hunger. The reason is that the digestive process also produces considerable heat, so the hypothalamus will prevent appetite to reduce its workload. That's why we don't often feel hungry in the summer. 

So, the question now is how to have an inviting menu for a sweating summer day. The answer is not to eat the same dish for many days, which can cause anorexia. You should change the menu daily but still have to ensure enough nutrients to stimulate the appetite for yourself and the whole family. 


You should eat plenty of boiled and steamed dishes on summer days because they are easy to be digested and they stimulate the appetite. Photo: Simplyrecipes. 

In summer, the body is easily dehydrated. Therefore, you need to drink water regularly. Also, it is recommended that you eat lots of vegetables and fruits as they provide water in a natural way. An adult needs to drink from 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day and possibly more in hot days. In addition, those who work outdoors and play sports also need more water.

You can make your own drinks such as orange juice, lemon juice and watermelon juice. Not only can those tasty drinks help eliminate toxins from the body, but they also have a very good cooling effect.

In addition, you should cut down on fried or stir-fried foods which are rich in fat. Instead, boiled and steamed dishes are ideal choices as they retain almost natural colors and flavors as well as the vitamin content of the dishes.

By: Chris Stewart

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