Foods to abstain from when you're sick

You should not eat spicy foods, sweets or drink milk, alcohol when sick because they will worsen and prolong the conditions.



Eggs are healthy food, but not good for sick people. They contain a lot of protein, which will cause a large increase in heat. Sick people will increase their body temperature when eating eggs, so you will get worse and longer to recover.



It is best not to drink coffee when you feel unwell or have a stomachache because coffee has diuretic properties, making you urinate more, leading to dehydration. Not having enough water makes your body difficult to fight off viruses and other microorganisms. Caffeine also aggravates diarrhea and vomiting.


Orange juice:

Many people believe that orange juice is the secret to health recovery by providing plenty of vitamin C, fiber and other nutrients. However, it is a misconception. Orange juice contains a lot of sugar, which can cause white blood cells to reduce their ability to fight germs. Besides, the high amount of acid in this drink can damage the stomach. Avoid orange juice when you have a cough, sore throat or cold because orange juice can cause throat damage.



Refined sugar can reduce the antibacterial ability of white blood cells and increase inflammation in the body. A few hours after eating cakes, candies or other sweets, your immune system will weaken, reducing your ability to fight germs that make you sick.


Carbonated drinks:

Carbonated water including carbonated drinks for dieters can inhibit the immune system and cause intestinal disorders due to excessive sugar. More dangerous, artificial sweeteners in this water are difficult to digest, leading to the phenomenon of bloating, cramps, even diarrhea. People with stomachache should stay away from carbonated water.


Crunchy snacks:

The texture of snacks like potato chips or crispy toast makes your throat rub and need more time to recover.



Alcohol weakens the immune system and dehydrates the body. That aggravates the condition. In addition, alcohol can interfere with any type of antibiotic you are using, causing stomach and liver damage. To avoid dehydration, make sure you consume enough fluid when you are sick.



Milk can cause mucus in the lungs and sinuses to make illness, flu, fever worse and longer. Avoiding dairy products such as yogurt, cheese and cream will reduce symptoms, helping you get better quickly.


Spicy food:

When you have a fever, your body's metabolism will work. Ginger, chili and other spicy spices will produce a lot of heat in the body and make it worse, affecting the recovery of fever patients.


Fried food and fast food:

It's best to avoid greasy foods when you're sick because they can cause inflammation and make the immune system work poorly. In addition, fast foods contain a variety of immunosuppressive ingredients such as fructose, aspartame, monosodium glutamate, which lead to discomfort and fatigue.

By: Mithrine Smith

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