What do people around the world have for lunch?

Depending on the culinary culture and climate, lunches in the countries of the world are different



German lunches usually have three dishes, including main course, salad, and dessert. Usually, the Germans only spend about 30 minutes to enjoy the meal and prepare to continue working. Schnitzel is a typical dish that often appears on the menu. A delicious Schnitzel dish will be crispy but not dry, served with sauces. 



Americans appreciate the fast and convenient eating style. Therefore, the country is famous for its fast-food paradise. Most Americans choose sandwiches or hamburgers with fresh fruit dessert for lunch to save time. If people want to change the taste, they can combine with salad or soup. 



No matter how busy the work is, the French still enjoy a leisurely lunch. Therefore they usually take about 2 hours to eat. Déjeuner in France usually takes place at 11 am – 1 pm with an indispensable standard menu of bread, butter, and Parisian bacon. The French often enjoy meat, vegetables, and fruit or dessert cakes. The food also varies by region. In Provence, people eat lots of salads with olive oil and tomatoes, meanwhile, due to cold weather in the northern area, the food is usually cooked with butter, creamy sauce. 



Kenyan people are known for their style of lunch like a king and they are also very focused on this meal. The reason is that most people do not have the habit of eating breakfast, so a hearty lunch will help them get enough energy to work. The time for Kenyan lunch is relatively long, so people often choose to go out and have a meal together to enjoy many delicious dishes. Fried fish, fish heads or stewed calf stomachs are popular dishes at local restaurants. 



Japanese people usually only have about half an hour to eat lunch when going to work. Therefore, they usually prioritize both convenient and energy items for lunch, and the bento box is the first choice. Each rice box is skillfully prepared from decoration to composition. A complete lunch box is a harmonious combination of hot and cool dishes, often divided into many parts, including fish or meat with salted or cooked vegetables. 



The Indians paid great attention to lunch, so no matter how busy they were, they made sure to prepare this meal with 3 - 4 hot dishes served with traditional tea. A typical Indian lunch includes rice, moon dal (bean and potato curry), spicy meat, Chapati (Indian roti bread) and a cup of sweet tea. 

By: Kelly Jonas

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