Unexpected benefits of hibiscus tea that few people know

Drinking this herbal tea is a way to enhance health and prevent many diseases.

In a study published in Australia's Nutrients journal, researchers found that hibiscus tea may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, according to Natural News.


Researchers from the US and Nigeria have looked at the effects of hibiscus on blood pressure, vascular function and the risk signs of cardiovascular disease due to other metabolic disorders.

The researchers conducted tests on 25 men at risk of cardiovascular disease from 1 to 10%, measured by the machine. After that, the participants were randomly assigned to consume 250 ml of special hibiscus tea or water. The special hibiscus tea was prepared by soaking tea bags containing 30 grams of dried hibiscus flower in 1 liter of water for 10 minutes.


Each drink is combined with a high-fat meal consisting of croissants with butter and honey, followed by a high-fat meal of cheese bread, a bag of chips, and cookies. The researchers also collected blood samples and measured other cardiovascular parameters of participants at 2 hours and 4 hours after a meal.
After a 2-week purification period, participants followed the same procedure but with the remaining drink. Those who drank hibiscus tea switched to drinking water and vice versa. Only 22 participants completed the study. 


With the findings, the researchers concluded that drinking hibiscus tea or consuming hibiscus juice after a meal could improve vascular function. Moreover, they suggested using hibiscus flower tea to improve endothelial function and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Other great benefits of hibiscus tea:

In African countries, hibiscus tea is used to treat heart disease, while in Iran, it is used to lower blood pressure. The health benefits of hibiscus tea have all been scientifically proven.

- Improving cholesterol levels

A study published in the US International Academic Research Notice compared the impact of consuming hibiscus tea with black tea on cholesterol levels. Results showed that both teas significantly improved good cholesterol levels.

- Helping reduce blood pressure

According to one study, drinking hibiscus tea may lower blood pressure in people at risk of hypertension. A meta-analysis of studies in the American Journal of Hypertension also confirmed that drinking hibiscus tea can significantly reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.


- Preventing cancer

Hibiscus tea offers many other health benefits besides keeping your heart healthy. It provides powerful antioxidants, which help fight free radicals that damage cells.

Therefore, hibiscus tea can help prevent cancer. Hibiscus flower is rich in polyphenol compounds, has strong anti-cancer properties. Hibiscus tea extract can inhibit the growth and spread of plasma, oral, prostate and stomach cancer cells.

- Improving liver health

Human and animal studies show that drinking hibiscus extract benefits the liver by increasing enzymes that detoxify the liver, reduce liver damage and reduce liver fat accumulation, thereby preventing liver failure.

People who want to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight may also benefit from drinking hibiscus tea. Human and animal studies also report that consumption of hibiscus extracts is associated with reduced body weight and fat, which can prevent obesity.

By: Kelly Jonas

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