14 most expensive foods in rich families

Dishes on your plate can be worth a fortune if they contain the following rare foods.


Foie gras:

Foie gras is a sumptuous food often used as a pate or sauté. This dish has a rich aromatic flavor and melts at the tip of the tongue. However, foie gras are considered a dish that is contrary to human morality. The reason because to harvest a lot of foie gras, many farms used to insert metal pipes into the animal's throat and push food into their stomachs, forcing them to eat more than necessary.


White truffles:

Although its appearance does not look very attractive, this food is extremely expensive. White truffles are often grown in Italy and grow deep underground. The price of this mushroom can be up to 8,000 USD for 1 kg. This material is often used in eggs or used topping to adorn expensive dishes.


Black truffles:

Behind white truffles, black truffles are very expensive food, can only be found in some luxury restaurants. This material is usually grown in France and buyers can pay up to $ 1,700 for less than 450 g of mushrooms.



This food is inherently famous for its expensive price. Caviar is made from the eggs of sturgeon. In addition to affordability, buyers must also know how to store and use this type of food because they are easy to lose flavor. Caviar must always be in cold temperatures and forbidden from metal materials (except for gold). Therefore, this dish is only used fresh and served with ice. Types of packaging, spoons, and dishes in contact with caviar must be made of special materials such as gold and pearl.



This food is made from the pistil of saffron flowers and is considered a very precious medicine. Saffron takes up to 3 years to harvest. Iran is one of the countries that produce the best quality saffron and they often sell this food for up to thousands of dollars per kilogram of product.


Densuke Watermelon:

This melon has a distinctive dark blue peel and is a rare melon variety. A Densuke watermelon is usually sold for $ 200. The highest amount ever paid for a Densuke melon was recorded at $ 6,100 at an auction.


Yubarki King Melon:

A Yubarki melon can cost up to $ 5,000. The reason why this melon is so special is that they can only be grown in a certain region like champagne and Kobe beef, so they are rare. In addition, Yubarki melon also has a much sweeter taste than regular mesh melon. In the past, some people paid $ 23,000 for a Yubarki melon at an auction.



The majority of vanilla flavored dishes are made of chemical mixtures so few people know vanilla as expensive food, which can cost $ 4,000 for 450 g. Vanilla flowers actually only bloom a few hours a year and are difficult to pollinate. Therefore, vanilla seeds are rare and can only be found in a few specialized stores.


Scottish lobster:

This type of lobster has a very distinctive and expensive black crust because of its high requirements for special preservation and processing to keep the taste delicious.


Deer Cheese:

The price of this cheese can be up to USD 500 for only 450 g of product. This special cheese can only be found in some deer farms in rural Sweden.


Wagyu beef:

Wagyu beef is known as the premium meat with its white-spotted greasy characteristics distributed alternately with red flesh. The process of raising cows is very strict. Cattle feed is nutritious things like young rice, fresh grass, and drinks are very pure extracted water and even beer. 600 days before slaughter, cows will be fed 4,800 types of food to increase 500 kg.



Salanganes'Nest is dubbed "Oriental caviar" thanks to the similarity between the extravagant price and the rarity between these two foods. Salanganes'Nest, also known as bird's nest, is a food made from the saliva of swiftlet birds. This material is also said to be a kind of medicine that is good for health and beauty.


Coffin oyster, Australia:

Oysters, in the past were considered food of the poor, has now become a luxurious food. One of the most expensive oysters is the one caught in Australia's Coffin Bay. Diners have to pay up to $ 100 for only one oyster here.


Matsutake mushroom:

The price of Matsutake mushrooms is not high until they become an extinct mushroom. Because of its rarity, Matsutake mushrooms can have a price of $ 1,000 for only 450 g. Countries, where this mushroom exists, include China, Japan, Korea, Finland, Sweden, and Canada.

By: Roxana Edwards

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