Spending your summer time to enjoy British cuisine

British cuisine has long been famous for many delicious and unique dishes. Summer will be an opportunity for a trip to enjoy the fullness of British cuisine.



This is considered to be a summer rescue in England, this dish is cooked simply by rolling fish over the dough, frying it until the fish turns yellow and smells good. It is served with hot crispy fried potatoes. Depending on your preferences, you can sprinkle salt, vinegar or tomato sauce and enjoy. In particular, try it at beaches like Bournemouth or Brighton - two seaside towns in Old England, under golden sunshine, white sand, and whispering waves to complement your taste.



The Cornish pasty is the most delicious dish in all kinds of sandwiches in the UK. It consists of a lot of ingredients like beef, potatoes, onions, radishes and some other vegetables that will be wrapped in a layer of flour and grilled until the powder turns yellow and crispy. What are you hesitating to enjoy it?



Beef sandwiches are very popular with the British because it has a simple way of cooking but its excellent taste. The dish is often chosen for breakfast. The dish is professionally made by the makers: The meat is cut into slices with long and thin plates and then marinated with spices. The vegetables are washed and then mixed with the sauce. When you eat, place lettuce, stir-fried onion, followed by beef and then add another layer of vegetables and clamp it together.



Yorkshire Pudding is an old-fashioned cake and is a traditional dish in British cuisine. Ingredients for making Yorkshire Pudding include eggs, milk, flour, Horseradish sauce with sour vinegar and grilled meat served with potatoes, broccoli or carrot, honey. This cake becomes the most popular flavored cake in the UK.



Sweet apple pieces are baked with a layer of flour, sugar, and butter to make a dish with contrasting texture and a dessert for kings. It is used with cream or hot milk eggs. You can try it at any country pub in England.



Falafel may not be a traditional English style dish, but it is warmly welcomed into the flourishing culinary culture in the United Kingdom as if it were its own national dish. Falafel is a kind of cake made from mashed green beans with spices and deep fried. It can be served with salad or sandwiched. Comes with this dish is a lot of other appetizers.



After enjoying the delicious food, afternoon tea in the UK will give you a different feeling than some tea you have ever enjoyed. For this world-famous drink, a steaming teapot with a brown tea is served with large scones, topped with jam and thick cream. Enjoying this tea on an English style tea table is nothing more wonderful. Torquay, Devon - home to afternoon tea is the place that will give you a great experience of enjoying British afternoon tea.

By: Jimmy Saunders

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