Japan’s five premium fruits cost thousands US dollars

Japan is known for meticulous fruit planting techniques. Here are 05 high-class fruits with fabulous tastes that enchant most demanding gourmets.


Yubari melon: These Japan’s famous yellow melons have reached a record in an auction at $45,000/ pair last May. The melons have such incredibly high prices because Japanese people meticulously evaluate the shape, weight and beautiful lines outside. This luxury fruit plays an important role in the culture of Japanese people where they are purchased as high-end gifts. Photo: Village Grocer. 


The reason for Yubari melon’s insane expensiveness is that a Japanese farmer only chooses the most beautiful fruit with the best quality on each tree. Farmers water their crops manually and watch them closely. In the supermarket, a Yubari melon has its price ranging from 90 USD to 2,000 USD corresponding to its quality. Any customer who has a chance to taste this Japanese classy melon will be totally impressed with its naturally cool taste accompanied by the juicy and crispy texture. Photo: Hawaii Public Radio. 


Ruby Roman Grape: These premium grapes with beautiful color look like expensive gems, inspiring people to call them nothing else but Ruby Roman. A lucky bunch of 26 grapes was sold for more than $10,900 in 2016. Each of these expensive grapes weighed 20 grams with no more than 18% of sugar content. Photo: Ishikawa-shokuzukan. 


With such a great weight, each bunch of Ruby Roman grapes has only about 26-30 fruits. In supermarkets, Japanese people pack small 3-fruit boxes for customers to taste. Each grape is about the same size as a ping pong ball. These expensive grapes are luxurious gifts that Japanese people offer each other every special occasion. Photo: Kyodo. 


Densuke watermelon: The fruit is called the "king" of watermelons. This black watermelon sets a record when it was sold for nearly $ 6,000 per fruit. The sweeter the fruit is, the higher its price is. Japanese people often hunt for these black watermelons to eat and make gifts. A melon is that expensive because every season, people only harvest 100 fruits in the whole Hokkaido city. Photo: Nuggetmarket. 


Taiyo no Tamago Mango: These high-quality red mangoes are called sun eggs. In April this year, the pair of mangoes set a record with the price of over 4,600 USD. This famous mango is only found in a fruit shop in Miyazaki, Japan. Those who have tasted Taiyo no Tamago mangoes are all enchanted by the sweet taste that immediately dissolves in the mouth, and the fruit has very little fiber. Photo: Allabout-Japan. 


Sato Nishiki cherry: Japan’s luxurious cherries are famous for their price of nearly 400 USD per box of 40-50 fruits. Not only do Sato Nishiki cherries own an inviting colour outside, but these famous fruits also have an impressive sweet taste. Every summer, Japanese farmers harvest cherries manually and keep them in a greenhouses to prevent scratches resulting from raindrops. Photo: Rove.

By: Chris Stewart

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