Familiar man-made fruits and vegetables

There are many familiar fruits and vegetables that do not naturally grow but were created by human being.


Orange is popularly grown in many countries around the world. Many people think oranges originate from nature. However, this kind of fruit was actually created by humans. According to Star Insider, many documents record that oranges were born from the transplantation of tangerines and grapefruits. The first orange trees are said to have appeared in China. 


You may not believe it but today's bananas are not of natural origin. In fact, their ancestors are from Southeast Asian. Bananas were bred from musa acuminata and musa balbisiana. One of these two types of wild bananas does not have good tastes. Its flavor is unpleasant and quite hard to eat. 


Strawberries that we are enjoying everyday are not natural fruits at all. Since the 18th century, a hybrid of wild mulberry has been bred into strawberries like we see today. Natural and wild strawberries do not have a really eye-catching color and shape, unlike modern strawberries. This attractive fruit has proven that original shapes, colors and tastes can be fixed thanks to the advance of science and agriculture technology. 


Referring to carrots, many people will think of an inviting orange colour. As a matter of fact, in the past, people did not know any kind of food called carrots. In the Roman Empire, people found a new vegetable whose root looked like a carrot nowadays but white and inedible. That vegetable, which was later transplanted and propagated by humans, is the ancestor of modern carrots. Beside orange carrots, people have been creating more new versions with unusual colours. 


Cabbage is not a species available in the Earth's basic ecosystem. In the first decade of the 17th century, selective breeding techniques were began to be applied for vegetables. Human being successfully created cabbage from large-leaf-sized wild vegetables. 


Cauliflower is also a product of selective breeding techniques performed by human. Cauliflower is characterized by many other vegetables such as cabbage, kohlrabi, kale and broccoli. In the 90s of last century, a Japanese company successfully bred the popular broccoli which makes a big part of our meals today. Many people believe that broccoli is originally created from kohlrabi. 


Peanuts that we know today are not plants from the beginning. Peanuts were made by combining genes of two herbaceous plants of the legume family. Those two species are arachis ipaensis and arachis duranensis. According to Star Insider, many people think that bees accidentally pollinated these two legumes, and since then, we have had peanuts like nowadays.

By: Chris Stewart

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