Delicacies of Egypt: The quintessence of multi-color cuisine

Egypt possesses a very diverse cuisine, as a result of the cultural interference of many neighboring countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, Greece, Iran, and the UK.

Ful medames

As a traditional dish of the Egyptian people, Ful medames brings the perfect combination of fava beans, olive oil, creating a strange and unique taste.


Usually, people prepare this dish at night and serve it at breakfast the next morning. Boiled eggs, sausages are decorated above and served with traditional soft bread. You can enjoy Ful Medames at local restaurants or street stalls at very affordable prices.

Dawood Basha

The ingredients used to prepare meatballs are minced meat with parsley and onions, then are rounded like small balls. People use tomato sauce to cook and decorate the dish with roasted pine nuts, suitable for eating with rice.


Meatballs are a favorite dish in the Middle East. Usually, it is made of lamb and is a popular dish in Egypt for all housewives. However, there are many restaurants that have put it into the menu because of its popularity and delicious taste.

Umm Ali

Umm Ali, also known as Om Ali is the national dish of Egypt. This delicious dessert is a mooncake version of the Middle East and is often served with a slice of creamy ice cream or vanilla ice cream above.


The main ingredient of this dish is bread in milk, sprinkled with raisins, and put into an oven until golden brown is present. It would be great if you could enjoy this dish when exploring the famous Nile river in Egypt.


Unlike those dishes, Taameya is a delicious vegetarian dish popular in Egypt. The main ingredients for processing Taameya are mainly bean flour and a number of different spices. After being thoroughly kneaded, the dough will be squeezed into small pieces and put into a frying pan.


Taameya is often used with Tahini sauce. Taameya is a popular snack in Egypt. Across the tourist destinations in Egypt, you will easily find it sold by peddlers or in small family shops.


Hawawshi is known as a staple dish of Egyptians, with a combination of pureed beef and lamb. After putting the ingredients in bread, people will bake it crispy.


There is no fixed recipe for this dish and everyone can prepare it in different ways. People can also combine with chopped onions, bell peppers, and tomatoes, then add the seasonings.


Kunafa means "shelter" and it is also the most honest way to describe this cake. The crunchy crust envelops the soft inner core, showing the woman's soft heart.


This dish is made from popular things in this country. At first glance, it will be mistaken that the crust is made of dried noodles. However, actually, they are crushed phyllo powder, creating crispy and fragrant taste. Its filling is quite diverse because no matter what kind of filling, the cake is still delicious. The crust can be paired with raisins, nuts, cream, mozzarella cheese or greasy cream cheese.

By: Joshua Thompson

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