Coming Mexico to enjoy delicious dishes

Mexico is not only known for its football background but also famous for its delicious dishes.

Enchilada Casser-Ole


This stewed dish is loved by most Mexicans. It simply needs black beans, cheese, tomatoes, pork, and some special flavors and then is stewed. Although cooking is simple, everyone is impressed by its delicious taste, so don't miss the chance to enjoy it.



Tacos is a hamburger with a crust made from corn flour and the filling made of any kind of meat such as pork, beef, chicken, and cooked fish. This type of cake is indispensable for a little salsa sauce and is often served with onions and coriander. There are two types of Tacos, crispy shell and soft shell, so you can comfortably enjoy.



Chilaquiles is a traditional Mexican breakfast dish. It is crispy corn tortillas cut into small pieces, served with spicy salsa. In addition, people also add chicken or fried eggs as well as cheese to the dish more attractive.



The origin of tostadas is to take advantage of old corn flour, which is no longer soft enough to be rolled into tacos but is still edible. Old corn tortillas are fried in boiling oil until golden, hard and crispy. To make the crust more attractive, Mexicans think of covering the cake surface with beans, chicken, ice cream, lettuce, onions, butter, and fresh cheese.



Pozole is a traditional soup or stew from thousands of years ago. This dish is made from dry corn grain, pork with cabbage, chili, onion, garlic, radish, avocado, salsa or lemon. Mexicans often eat pozole on special occasions like Mexican Independence Day, Christmas or birthday. If you go there anytime, you can enjoy it without waiting on the right occasion.

Mexico Lasagna


This dish is a combination of stir-frying and grilling. After stir-frying beef with chili and spices, people will stack it up with noodles and cheese into 2 layers and then bring it to grill. Finally, it will be covered tomatoes and cream sauce on top.



Fajita includes stir-fried chicken and bell peppers, but people will add Mexican sauce, so it has a strange taste, often served with corn tortillas and pickled radish.



Quesadillas is a cake made from the most famous corn flour in Mexico. The filling includes cheese, sausage, chicken, beef and vegetables such as mushrooms, garlic and beans, then carefully packed and grilled. This is a dish very special and delicious to try most when traveling to Mexico.

Cobra Micheladas and Sueros


The cocktail of Micheladas and Sueros is one of the most special drinks in Mexico that all tourists love and want to try. The raw material for making this special drink is pureed chili, stout beer and lemon juice mixed together in proportion. It is also a familiar and frequent drink in the daily meals of the locals here.

By: Joshua Thompson

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