Bread - an indispensable part in German meals

Bread is a cheap food but indispensable for meals in Germany.

Germany has produced 600 main types of bread


It can be said that bread is an essential part of German cuisine. The country has produced about 600 types of main bread, 1200 kinds of pastries, round cakes produced in 17,000 bakeries and 10,000 bakeries. To visit and try to enjoy German bread, you will definitely feel it very special, unlike any previous bread you have tried in other countries. This makes the Germans very proud.


Indigenous peoples use wheat and some other grains such as barley, rye, oats, millet, corn, and rice to make bread with various delicious tastes. In addition, they also used potato starch to create a typical potato-flavored bread.


In Germany, there are 3 main types of bread including black bread, white bread, and gray bread. In each region of this country, people eat different types of bread and the habits of enjoying bread are also different. Northern people prefer black bread mixed with many nuts. It is revealed that one of the biggest sufferings of Germans living abroad is that they cannot find their favorite bread in the bakeries.


In the process of making bread, Germans often put in grains such as flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds to create more flavor for bread. The most typical types of bread with high nutritional content in German are Vollkornbrot and Schwarzbrot.

Bread - an indispensable part in German meals

Usually, bread is used for breakfast and dinner in Germany. This type of cake is considered a main dish on the German dining table. For breakfast, Brötchen & Kleingebäck bread roll is the most popular one, often accompanied by other German favorites such as boiled eggs, cheeses, and sausages. For dinners, people usually eat a light snack with bread slices with eggs, sausages, cheese, and vegetables because the Germans have a hearty meal in the middle of the day.


Not only is it a daily staple, but at the festivals, bread is also very popular. Tree biscuits or bread rolls are popularly served in lively festivals in Germany. Bringing the characteristic flavor along with eye-catching dark brown, salty and crispy crust and soft filling, bread rolls are the favorite of many tourists when coming to Germany.


Small round Brötchen bread is also favorite food in festivals in Germany. Its main ingredients are quite similar to regular bread but are smaller in size, suitable for a person to eat. In different regions in Germany, Brötchen has different names such as Rundstück, Semmel, Schrippe or Weck.


German bread contains not only the flavor but also the image of the nation, bringing the proud soul of German cuisine. Therefore, when traveling to Germany, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the tastes of German bread and see if there is any difference compared to bread in your country.

By: Grace White

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