Bouillabaisse - the world’s best seafood soup in Marseille

Bouillabaisse, a popular dish in the port city of Marseille, France, has gradually become the world's best soup.

Referring to the French cuisine in general and the cuisine of Marseille port city in particular without mentioning famous soup Bouillabaisse is indeed a major omission. This is an extremely delicious and unique dish. When traveling to Marseille city, you can enjoy it in any restaurant. However, you should note the price of Bouillabaisse, because it is extremely expensive. 


Looking at the position and price of this dish nowadays, few know that its origin is very modest. Bouillabaisse is a simple dish of poor workers in Marseille. After each trip to catch the shore, the fishermen of the city picked up the low-quality seafood to cook with the available ingredients such as garlic, chili, olive oil, turmeric and made it into a popular soup. 


Although it was cooked from inexpensive ingredients, thanks to the great creativity of the workers, this dish had an extremely attractive taste. By the 19th century, the port city of Marseille became prosperous thanks to trade activities. The soup of the workers has been elevated every day with more expensive ingredients. It began to appear on the dining table of the rich, and step foot into France's most upscale restaurants. 


In order to make famous Bouillabaisse soup, people will have to go through a lot of very picky stages from choosing seafood to cooking the broth. The ingredients used to cook this soup must be the freshest seafood with expensive spices like saffron powder. The fish broth is cooked from the fish bones after having chopped off the minced meat with white wine, celery, leeks, to create a bold sweet broth. 


Although there are many types of seafood combined together such as sea bass, shrimp, green mussels, and squid, Bouillabaisse soup does not smell fishy, because the fishy smell of seafood is removed by saffron powder. This expensive spice also makes the soup fragrant and shiny yellow very attractive. With his distinctive yellow color, Bouillabaisse is now called a very beautiful name "golden soup". 


After being cooked, the attractive soup is served on a deep plate and eaten with bread. For more attractive taste, people also use it with Rouille sauce. It is a type of mayonnaise made from egg white, garlic, pepper, olive oil, and golden turmeric. When you enjoy the food, you will feel that its broth has a strong sweet taste from seafood combined with excellent seasonal vegetables. Besides the famous "gold soup", when visiting the port city of Marseille, you do not forget to taste Tapenade or Navette cake to explore the wonderful cuisine here. 

By: Gitta Russell

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