8 foods you should not eat for lunch

Consuming fast food, vegetable soup, or pastries at noon will cause your body to lose energy, feel tired and sleepy for the rest of the day.

Here are the unhealthy foods you should avoid eating at noon.


Pasta noodles: According to Prevention, eating a large portion of this dish helps you to be full and satisfied with the full amount of refined carbohydrates. However, because of the lack of protein, it can make you feel tired, slow and sleepy in the afternoon. 


Fast food: It's easy to have a fast lunch with burgers, fries, sausages. However, this meal will be full of additives, fat, sugar and salt. They are spices that are not good for your health. In particular, unhealthy saturated fats in fast food can block arteries, leading to heart problems if eaten regularly. 


Vegetable soup does not have protein, which means it does not help you feel full. You will be hungry again after an hour. At this point, you feel craving for unhealthy foods. Instead of eating vegetable soup for lunch, you should choose a lean protein dish like chicken or salmon, and add apples or whole grains. 


White bread: With very little fiber and high blood sugar index, white bread has the ability to increase blood sugar. That causes a sharp decrease in energy and cravings in the afternoon. It is best to eat whole-grain bread to enhance nutrients and fiber. 


Flavored yogurt: According to Men's Health, flavored yogurt is often prepared with lots of processed sugar. It even contains more sugar than a soda can. Moreover, flavored yogurt has very little fiber and protein. Therefore, eating this yogurt means you are loading empty calories into your body. 


Cereal bar: It seems that this is a reasonable snack with lunch, however, they often provide little nutritional value. Many common cereal bars are high in sugar but low in fiber and protein to help you feel full. It even lowers blood sugar, making you hungry right after.


Sugary drinks such as soft drinks and energy drinks contain a lot of added sugar, leading to an increase in excess calories in the body. In addition, they also increase blood sugar levels, causing energy depletion later. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), sweet drinks are associated with weight gain and obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, and tooth decay. 


Pastry: You should not eat pastries at lunch as they contain lots of sugar. The reason is that sugar can activate insulin, stimulating the brain to produce more amino acids tryptophan. This makes you sleepy quickly after eating. 

By: Olivia Smith

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