8 famous dishes for exploring Chicago’s cuisine

Chicago is not only famous for its high artistic architecture works but also captures visitors with delicious foods.

Deep-dish pizza


With a special cake filling with over 300 gram of superior mozzarella cheese, this Pizza has an extremely charming aroma and a hot core. This pizza is different from other pizzas because of its thick base, baked in the tray up to 5cm tall and the top with a bright red tomato sauce looking very attractive.

Italian beef sandwich


Having appeared in Chicago for a long time, until now, the Italian beef sandwich does not lose its appeal. The delicious beef cuts are carefully selected and processed to bring the soul of the sandwich. The recipe with many sophisticated stages requires the chef's perfection to retain the soft, sweet taste of beef. Hot beef slices served with stimulating sauces are why this dish is the most popular in Chicago.

Hot dog


As a favorite dish in Chicago, the delicious and attractive Hot dog makes those who come to this land want to enjoy it once. A delicious loaf of bread is filled with sausages, colorful vegetables, and a sauce. To make Hot dog, people mix a lot of spices, making anyone taste it once very hard to forget.



As a specialty of locals, steaks are taken from the meat of cows fed corn, so the meat is very soft and sweet. Another thing is quite interesting that the beefsteak has a quite large serving with slices of meat about 3 - 4cm thick to help you relieve your appetite. With two carefully processed meat sides to create its beautiful color, the aroma of meat and butter blends so you can not avoid temptation when standing in front of this dish.



Famous in Chicago, Jibarito is also a sandwich but it is more delicious and attractive. This type is different from the sandwich in which two slices of fried bananas are used to grip the beef, and some vegetables and spices. Also, the cake is added or reduced a lot of ingredients but still ensures the deliciousness, so this dish is suitable for those who are on the diet.

Smoked meat in Chicago style


Originating from Europe, smoked meat appeared in Chicago in the 1948s and became popular until now. Depending on the preferences of the eater, meat can be lamb, beef or pork. The variety in the use of ingredients, processing, and the accompanying sauce to make the delicious smoked meat has pleased the travelers who have ever tasted.

Torta meringata


Torta meringata is one of the pastries to serve desserts, but it is the most sought after a meal with the elaborate processing and service. The cake is cooked with a microwave for a very short time. Tasting the cake, you will feel the coldness of the gelato cream, a little salty of caramel, the aroma of rum and some sweet chocolate melting in the mouth.

Cinnamon rolls


A kind of pastry like Torta meringata, but Cinnamon rolls is suitable for breakfast or after lunch like dessert. The cake is simply bread rolls with cinnamon powder, covered with a layer of cheese cream but makes many people love. Try a cake with a cup of hot tea or coffee to have a great breakfast or lunch.

By: Grace White

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