8 delicious dishes in Africa that please diner’s taste

Africa is a continent of cultures, so the food here is extremely rich. Here are eight certain specialties you must not miss while traveling to African lands.

Potjiekos and stew, South Africa


Potjiekos is an Afrikaans term for food cooked in a traditional three-legged cast iron pot. This dish is not much different from stews, braised beef, chicken and lamb and is popular in southern African countries. This traditional stew is eaten with samp and beans, dumplings and steamed bread or baked bread.

Jollof rice and Egusi soup, Nigeria


Jollof rice is a favorite dish in Nigeria. The ingredients of this rice dish include rice, chicken, tomato, onion, and pepper. During gatherings and parties, Jollof rice is often served as an attractive main dish. In addition to Jollof rice, Egusi soup is also a popular dish in Nigeria with main ingredients from fried bananas and mashed sweet potatoes.

Nyama na irio, Kenya


Nyama na irio is a dish that you definitely have to taste once you arrive in Kenya. Made from mashed potatoes, peas, beans, corn and onions, this dish is often served with spiced roasted meat.

Muamba de galinha, Angola


This is the traditional dish of Angola and strongly influenced by Portugal. Muamba de galinha is known as Muamba chicken, characterized by a spicy flavor, stewed with palm oil or butter, garlic, chili, and okra. It often served with cassava leaves and rice.

Piri piri chicken, Mozambique


Piri piri chicken is a typical dish of Mozambique cuisine that combines African, Portuguese, Oriental and Arabian cuisine with a variety of spices, coconut sauce, cashews, and peanuts. Traditionally, this dish is also used with matapa (cassava leaves are cooked in peanut water).

Cape breyani, South Africa


Breyani is a fragrant dish from ingredients including marinated meat, rice, lentils and some spices combined with crispy onions and hard-boiled eggs. A pot of breyani is a favorite and suitable for celebrations or family reunions.

Chambo fish with nsima, Malawi


This is a traditional dish from Chambo fish caught in Lake Malawi. This dish is sold along the shores of the lake, often served with chips and nsima - a kind of porridge similar to the Zimbabwe sadza.

Pap en vleis / Shisa nyama, South Africa


Grilled meat and corn porridge are a preferred combination between many cultures in South Africa. "Pap en vleis" (literally "meat and corn porridge") is a colorful dish of a quintessential combination of starch and casserole with spicy spices. The dish is often enjoyed with the famous vegetables of Africa named chakalaka. In addition to meat, spicy sausages are also combined with corn porridge in various interesting forms.

By: Grace White

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