6 delicious dishes creating Chilean cuisine

Chilean cuisine is really great and different from other countries', so you should not miss any opportunity to enjoy Chilean delicious dishes below.



This is considered a national stew in Chile when every family knows how to cook it. This stew is made from beef, chicken or lamb combined with potatoes and pumpkins. For some people who like to eat spicy tastes, they will add peppers. Cazuela's aroma will conquer you right from the first time you enjoy it. 



Parrilladas is an integral part of the Chilean culture. This dish is famous for its aromatic flavor of meat that is soaked in spices and then grilled on embers until the meat is browned and the fat melts. The soft, sweet pieces of meat will really make you not deny the opportunity to enjoy it. 

Arrollado de huaso 


Arrollado de huaso has the filling of minced meat, sliced bacon, chili and spices, then people often use pork skin to roll it up. This dish is often served with salads. It will make you feel both strange and delicious, so don't forget to enjoy it. 



Sopaipilla is a typical snack that you will encounter a lot in Chile. Crunchy cake is covered with sugar, Marshmallow or Chancaca, served with sweet or savory sauces. Traditional Sopaipilla is made from crispy pumpkin. People mix grated pumpkin with flour, salt, and butter to mold into round discs, and fry them in hot oil. 

Pastel de choclo 


If you've ever visited American countries, it's not difficult to realize that the common point of these countries is the use of corn flour as an indispensable ingredient in their daily dishes. For Chileans, Pastel de Choclo is a traditional dish and the main ingredient used is corn flour. 

Pastel de choclo is one of the most popular dishes in Chile. This is a perfect combination of ground cornflour mixed with beef, chicken, onion, black olives, boiled eggs and spices. All blend together to create a very special flavor. Pastel de choclo is usually baked in an earthenware bowl called paila. 

Huesillo mote con 


Walking through Santiago or other cities in Chile, you will find lots of sidewalk shops selling a pretty-looking drink, like a cocktail. This is the summer traditional Chilean dessert called Mote con huesillo. When enjoying this drink, you will feel the sweet and sour taste of the dried peach, along with the aromatic sweetness of honey and the smoothness of the flour. This drink is so popular that people here say: "More Chilean than Mote con huesillo". 

By: Gitta Russell

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