6 delicacies in Denmark that cling to visitor’s foot

Danish cuisine contributes to creating a great attraction for tourists when coming to Denmark, which is known as the happiest country in the world.

Here are the top delicious dishes to try when you set foot in Denmark, so don’t miss them.

Frikadeller meatball


Frikadeller meatballs are made from minced meat like beef, veal, pork with eggs, bread flour, milk, finely chopped onions and spices like salt and pepper. The ingredients will be mixed well and then made into many round balls and then fried in oil or lard. Enjoying Danish cuisine, you will see that meatballs are also now made from fish and often served with French remoulade sauce. You can find this dish in most locations in the country, from small kitchens to luxury restaurants. To make the dish more appealing, you should add boiled potatoes and meat sauce.

Smorrebrod bread


Smorrebrod - the most famous and popular bread in Copenhagen, is one of the must-try delicacies when coming to Denmark. If traveling to Denmark without Smorrebrod bread, it would be a big omission. Its composition is very diverse, not only butter, bread, but also shrimp sauce, liver pate, ham meat, herring, and roasted pork. Depending on the preferences of the visitors, the seller will choose to sell the best and most delicious bread. Smorrebrod bread is often used by locals in the main lunch.

Smoked herring


Herring is a unique Danish dish. Herring is marinated in curry, covered on top is a piece of rye bread butter, red onion, and egg yolk. Unlike salmon, pomfret or cod, herring is often served with sauces such as parsley sauces and potato sauces.

Polse sausage


You must try Polse sausage because this is a very popular red sausage and is considered a traditional Danish dish. Polse sausage is made from ground pork with pepper, mustard seeds or nutmeg seeds. The attraction of Polse sausage is that it is dyed bright red and it is very eye-catching and stimulates eating. This sausage is usually eaten with mustard, fried onion, and salt cucumber.

Flodebolle cake


This traditional cake made from wheat flour, almonds, and other special ingredients has created a great cake in Danish cuisine. Flodebolle cakes are present in almost every house of the Danish people. To create an impression as well as to refresh the cake, the cake makers today cover a layer of chocolate on the cake. People also call it the royal cake.

Wienerbrod pastry


If you've ever found out about Danish cuisine, then surely you know the famous Wienerbrod pastry. This is an extremely delicious pastry dish of Denmark with ingredients of crust including milk powder, egg, yeast, margarine. The inside of the cake is also varied: jam, almonds, cream, sugar or custard.

By: Jonath Martin

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