6 best diets recommended for 2019

The best diets for 2019 are evaluated based on the level of easy implementation, nutrition, safety, weight loss and disease prevention.

In January, the world's 41st best diet ranking was announced by U.S News in collaboration with World Report. The appreciation is based on data provided by a group of leading medical professionals from many countries, diet consultants and doctors specializing in diabetes, cardiovascular health and weight loss. 

The top diets are evaluated through criteria such as ease of application, nutrition, safety, and effectiveness in weight loss as well as avoiding diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Take a look at the 6 most-rated eating methods on this list. 

# 1 Mediterranean diet 


With a focus on foods like fruits, vegetables, olive oil, fish and other healthy foods, the Mediterranean diet is considered a balanced diet, helping to increase longevity and prevent some chronic diseases. Therefore, this is a method of eating that is highly appreciated by professionals and stands in the first place. 

# 2 DASH diet 


The DASH diet, which aims to avoid high blood pressure, is not a multifunctional diet. However, this mode is recognized by experts as a comprehensive diet and is highly valued for its full nutrition, safety and diabetes control, and cardiovascular health support. In addition, DASH is a balanced diet for those who want to lose weight or improve overall health. 

# 3 Flexitarian diet 


Although food is predominantly vegetables, Flexitarian diet is not classified as a vegetarian diet, but just a diet. With primarily vegetarian but occasionally eating some animal-derived products, Flexitarian diet is highly appreciated for its nutritional, easy-to-apply, helping long-term weight loss and is good to the heart. The versatility of this diet is suitable for many people and is a more sustainable method than other strict diets. 

# 4 MIND diet 


MIND diet is a combination of proven Mediterranean diet and DASH diet and does not use foods that affect brain health. With a wide variety of foods, from salads, nuts, to fruits and vegetables, this diet is praised for its emphasis on food. This is a healthy, scientific diet. 

# 5 Weight Watcher (WW) diet 


This is a smart and effective weight-loss diet that can be applied to short-term or long-term weight loss and is also easy to implement. Experts say this is a nutritionally safe method. 

# 6 Mayo Clinic Diet 


Mayo Clinic aims to form healthy eating habits for a lifetime. This method is highly appreciated for nutrition, safety and helps prevent diabetes. Experts also say the Mayo Clinic diet is relatively effective in losing weight because it focuses on high-fiber foods. 

By: Kalen Jonas

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