5 food safety principles when eating grilled dishes

Find out how to reduce the risk of food poisoning with the following five principles.

Ensuring food safety to prevent food poisoning is very important and not only in the kitchen. The same rules should also be applied when eating grilled dishes, especially to prevent cross-contamination, according to Eat right. 


While grilling, cross-contamination is the leading cause of food poisoning, topping the list of food safety concerns. When marinated water from raw meat or bacteria from contaminated items touching cooked or prepared food to eat, cross-contamination can occur and spreading harmful bacteria can make you sick. 


Principle # 1: Always start with a clean grill 

Always wash the grill, and remove food debris from the grill to reduce exposure to bacteria. 

Principle # 2: Use separate plates for raw and cooked food 


Do not put cooked food back on the plate which is used to store raw food. You always have to wash dishes or trays in hot soapy water and rinse with clean water between uses. It is best to use separate plates: one to store raw meat, poultry meat, and seafood on a grill and another to store cooked food out of the grill. 

Principle # 3: Clean utensils or use separate utensils when grilling  

After using tongs or chopsticks to pick up raw meat, seafood or poultry meat on a grill, clean these tools with hot soapy water and rinse with clean water, before reusing to pick up grilled food. It's best to use two utensils: one for raw meat and the other for cooked food. 

Principle # 4: Marinate meat carefully before, during and after grilling  


Reuse of marinated water for raw meat, seafood or poultry for cooked food can be risky. You must boil any leftover marinated water to kill harmful bacteria before using it for cooked meat.  Ideally, before grilling, you should plan ahead and make lots of marinated water. Use a part to marinate raw food and set aside a clean portion to use for cooked food. During grilling, you should never use the same marinade device on both raw meat and cooked meat. Always use another tool or use the same tool but have been washed in hot soapy water and rinse with clean water. 

Principle # 5: Use separate dishcloths 

Using the same dishcloth several times to wipe your hands and clean stains at the grill can spread the bacteria. Instead, prevent cross contamination by using paper towels or a disposable dishcloth to clean up the spills when baking. Set aside another dishcloth to clean your hands and clean the dishes. 

By: Kelly Jonas

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