5 famous dishes in Poland that you will love

Polish cuisine is influenced by many cultures and many different countries in Europe, but Polish dishes have their own characteristics, unlike in any other country.

Poland not only has beautiful landscapes but also delicious and various dishes. Here are the famous dishes in Poland that arouse your appetite.



The word "Golabki" in Polish means stuffed cabbage, this is the most popular dish in this country that when traveling to Poland, you have to try. The main ingredients that make up this dish include fresh pork and cabbage.



This is a dish called the soul country. This dish is not too picky in processing, but it gives people to enjoy the new feeling. Raw materials to create this dish is also quite simple, only with sausages, meat, pickled cabbage and some other spices such as cinnamon, honey create delicious taste. You should enjoy Bigos with a little beer to feel the greatness of this dish.


Pierogi originated from Russia, introduced to Poland in the Middle Ages. For many years with the ingenious variations of the chef, this dish has been increasingly received and favored by both people and visitors.


The outside of the Pierogi is an impressive, beautiful yellow cover. The inside of the cake is made from a variety of ingredients such as cheese, onion, cabbage, potatoes, mushrooms, and meat. Eventually, each cake will be fried or steamed and then enjoyed with sugar-free yogurt to add flavor.

Sup Zurek

Poland is known for its strange soups, one of which must be mentioned is Sup Zurek. This soup is made from rye, mushrooms, potato flour, sausage, and eggs, mashed until it becomes a thick paste.


The special and attractive point for people to eat is the presentation. This dish is completely contained in a bowl made of wheat flour so that after enjoying the whole bread, it has soaked the soup to make it special and surely everyone wants to try it. This is also considered one of the most impressive dishes in Poland.



Zrayzy is a traditional Polish dish, beloved by not only native people but also many tourists. Zrayzy is made from beef, bacon, cucumber, bread, and mushrooms. After seasoning, you can grill, steam or fry depending on your taste. This dish will become more delicious when eaten with cold cucumber salad.



Rosol is also one of the famous dishes in Poland that you should not ignore when coming to this country. This is a delicious noodle soup cooked from chicken. In addition to chicken, the ingredients for Rosol cooking are many other things such as onions, leeks, coriander, cabbage, salt, pepper, etc. During the cold winter days of Poland, nothing is more wonderful than sitting and enjoying a bowl of hot, flavorful Rosol soup.

By: Jonath Martin

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