12 weird dishes in cinemas around the world

Take a look over the 12 countries below and discover what they eat in the cinemas.

Perhaps you are too familiar with popcorn and carbonated soft drinks when entering the cinema. However, not every country, the Chinese enjoy prunes, and the Colombian prefer fried ants. 

Finland: fruit jelly candy 


Instead of selling popcorn, Finnish theaters offer a lot of options for fruit jelly candy for customers at the stall. You can freely collect colorful candies before enjoying a movie. 

Barbados: fried fish balls 


Fried fish ball is a famous dish in Barbados and neighboring Caribbean countries. Made from salted fish, flour, baking powder and herbs, this popular snack is often sold in cinemas here. 

Japan: dried sardines 


Seafood is an indispensable part of Japanese life. Therefore, it is not surprising that all the cinemas here are offered Iriko to customers, a snack made of dried sardines or anchovies. 

Taiwan: chicken feet 


Chicken feet are very popular in Taiwan, China. This dish is so popular that people use it to replace popcorn in movie theaters. 

China: prunes 


Many Chinese movie fans often like to eat prunes when going to the movies. This dish is also very popular in Mexico. Sunflower seeds and dried squid are also popular foods at Chinese cinemas.

India: traditional street food 


In Indian cinemas, you can find traditional street food served here such as samosas (triangular fried pancake) or vada pav (fried potato sandwich). 

Korea: roasted chestnuts 


In Korea, people like to eat roasted chestnuts during movie screenings. Also, like many other Asian countries, dried squid is also very popular here. 

The Netherlands: licorice candy 


Licorice candy is a healthy, popular candy in the Netherlands, sold a lot at cinemas. In it, savory licorice is the most favorite taste of customers. If you enjoy it for the first time, you may find it difficult to eat. 

Norway: dried reindeer meat 


Dried reindeer meat is probably a quirky, unsuitable snack to enjoy while watching movies. However, this food is used very popularly and favorably at Norwegian cinemas. 

Mexico: tostilocos 


Tostilocos is now popularly sold in many Mexican cinemas and stadiums. Traditionally, this street food includes tortilla cake covered in hot sauce, cucumber, lemon juice, beans, and peanuts. 

Greece: grilled skewers 


People in Greece like souvlaki so traditionally that this food is everywhere, including some outdoor cinemas. 

Colombia: fried ants 


Fried ants or hormoneigaiga may not be the most delicious alternative to popcorn. However, enjoying this strange snack when watching movies in Colombia is a common thing. The unique taste of ants is believed by some to be similar to bacon. 

By: Grace White

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