Versace Resort 2019: The power of feminism

Taking Medusa as inspiration for Versace's Resort 2019, Donatelle has portrayed the characteristics of modern woman as well as her own.

Perhaps many people still think that Versace’s iconic logo of the famous Medusa with living venomous snakes in place of hair brand is merely an eye-catching motif, created for the purpose of promoting. However, the truth is that the Greek mythology still contains more secrets than that. This is a compelling symbol for the power of women. With Resort 2019, the Italian luxury fashion company wants to bring that deep meaning to the forefront.

Inspired by feminism and history

With the increasingly fashionable catwalks in the past few years, the Italian brand and its legendary creative director, Donatella, have been promoting the message of women's empowerment through such trong moves: from replacing the often revealing, curving designs in feminine-themed shows with dark sportswear, to adding phrases like "equality" or "powder" on clothing and accessories.

Versace also expresses its desire to develop its past and its history through the Spring / Summer 2018 show to commemorate the founder Gianni Versace. Combining these two strategies, Versace Resort 2019 is the result of inspiration from the snake monster, which is famous for its iconic logo.

Donatella Versace joined big names in the memorial show about her brother Gianni.

Medusa of the 21st century

Rather than taking advantage of the logo on every centimeter of every garment or accessory, Versace chose a more indirect approach: drawing designs from what the Medusa image represented. "The eternal symbol of power - the Medusa - represents the independent woman whose allure is oh so strong. Especially today," says the luxurious label about its collection.

"Who is she today? All of you out there who are not afraid to speak up, to state your truth," the statement goes on. "The modern-day Medusa carries her DNA into the contemporary city scape, where she is a true warrior, proudly carrying her Versace flag."

Characteristic and prominent motifs and patterns

New prints dominate the whole collection. This time, Medusa shares the land with Pegasus, with ancient Greek statues and hibiscus flowers or neoclassical swirling vines. Meanwhile Versace's old alphabet is reprocessed with outstanding Baroque style.


Countless collided patterns are put together on the Versace-styled outfits: from pleated shirt to short skirts, from pencil skirts of the 80s to leggings pants and pointed stilettos. No space is left empty.

Rebalance with seemingly overloaded motifs

Donatella adds to the Versace Resort 2019 Resort Collection sporting elements that are screened through the lens of elegance and a wide variety of vest designs. Power and strength are symbolized with distinctly high shoulders, in contrast to the tight waist squeezed by large belts.


The sharpness of leather somehow becomes soft without losing its charm. Denim is also offered in such attractive and luxurious appearance when covered with large logo motifs.

The collection represents an excellent mix of all the trends that a giant like Versace should aim for at this time: strong-looking clothes, sturdy and inspiring motifs from decades ago… And of course, the presence of unique variants from the characteristic logo is indispensable.




By: Olivia Mendoza

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