Sweden: the first country to abolish fashion week

In order to keep up with the changes in society and technology, Sweden decided to abandon the fashion week form in search of an alternative method.

So far, fashion week has become the foundation of the fashion industry. Here, designers representing brands from all over the world present their new collections with media as well as potential buyers. Feedback from guests is important because it reflects the success of the products about 6 months after they are officially released. 

The traditional fashion capitals such as Milan, Paris, New York, and London have always held the leading position and attracted much attention for fashion weeks. However, recently, other big cities such as Kyiv (Ukraine), Seoul (South Korea), Copenhagen (Denmark) and Stockholm (Sweden) also started to join the game and gradually affirmed their role through equally unique fashion weeks. In particular, this activity also helps introduce talents in their country to international media. 


Unfortunately, Sweden has just announced that it canceled the Stockholm Fall-Winter Fashion Week 2019 which is scheduled to take place in late August for reasons related to the sustainable development of the fashion and temporarily has not offered alternative methods. "Eliminating traditional fashion weeks is a difficult decision, but it has certainly been carefully considered," said Jennie Rosén, executive director of the Swedish Fashion Council. "We need to leave the past behind, and find a way to better fit the current fashion industry." 


According to Glamor, the fashion industry is facing many challenges in the social and technological context that has changed dramatically in the short years. Many internal debates have erupted around the topic of its sustainable development. Are fashion shows still effective while using live-stream tools through social networks, which means millions of people around the world can follow at the same time, even when they are working, lying in bed or sitting at a cafe? Change is so difficult, but the fashion industry is struggling to find a way to survive, and Stockholm is the first city to act. 


Taking place from 27 to 29 August, Stockholm Fashion Week is always overwhelmed by the neighboring city of Copenhagen, which attracts a larger talent team (taking place in early August) and and is the center of Scandinavian fashion village. Rotate, Saks Potts, Ganni and Stine Goya are all familiar names for fashion fans while Stockholm doesn't have many famous designers. Stockholm's street style is always inspiring, but that's not enough to keep this event alive. The Swedish fashion industry is growing, so it is important to support brands to develop appropriate fashion experiences for the future. The Swedish Fashion Council is doing its best to help local designers develop and adapt to the inevitable change. 

By: Jimmy Saunders

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