Street style at Tokyo Fashion Week: A bizarre and colorful picture

Creative, wild and always unique, the iconic fashion characteristic of Tokyo fashionistas rises strongly every fashion week.

Every year, the fashion weeks around the world always give us all such interesting surprises. This year, Tokyo Fashion Week was held from March 19th to 24th with the most gorgeous Japanese fashionistas, who are capable of… confusing any ordinary person. The bizarreness of these Japanese fashion “designers” seems to be boundless as each time they go out in the fashion week, we have the opportunity to open our eyes again.

Let’s check out some of the most prominent moments during Tokyo Fashion Week 2018:

Fashion lovers continue to witness the mesmerizing scenery from the young people of Japan.

A weird yet fascinating combination of yellow and green.

Fashion fans in Japan have been constantly dressing up like their rich imagery.

With modest heights, platform shoes are the favorite choice that many fashion enthusiasts in Tokyo.

Men are fond of colorful costumes. Apparently, they really enjoy these awesome platform shoes and don’t mind wearing different ones together.

The fashion taste in Tokyo will “dazzle” you for sure with brightest colors like neon green, yellow...

Anime and manga also appeared widely in their outfits.

Long and wide costumes are popular among the young Japanese, they are combined wildly.

This guy so loved pink that he decided to cover himself in pink this fashion week. His coat, accessories or hair were all sweet and eye-catching.

Street style of Tokyo is also different from the whole world. Fashion trends around the globe do not seem to affect anybody here. They dress according to their hobbies, personalities, or whatever they like.

Tassels, skirts, high-waisted pants or leopard prints... there is no trend for Japanese men to decline.

The appearance of suits with eye-catching tones like pink, purple, red burgundy… was so passionate this year.

Bucket hat, beret hat and pilot hat were also actively promoted in Tokyo.

Although classic fashion trend still appears everywhere on the streets’ catwalk, the fashionistas here still managed to change the style to express their own spirit.

This Asian girl's small figure was still fascinating thanks to the stylish combination of black vinyl vest, turtleneck coats and outstanding blue boot. To look even more mysterious, she did not forget to wear a pair of trendy cat-eye glasses.

Such simple basic combination of skirts and jackets, but highlights came from the colors and designs on these outfits.

It has been around for a long time, but do not think that this checked pattern has become obsolete in Tokyo.

This multi-layered combination seemed to be an improvisation, but with actually the ingenious calculation of colors and accessories has highlighted the spirit out the outfit.

T-shirts with funny dogs – the mascot in 2018 of Asian countries.

Overalls providing a youthful, fresh and vibrant appearance for the wearers.

Despite weird and wide fashion sense, there's no denying that Japanese people still love their traditional kimono no matter what.




By: Roxana Edwards

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