Street fashion: The revenge

Street fashion is moving a lot by appearing on the famous catwalks, which are said to be the "territory " of luxury fashion line.

Street fashion now seems to be leading the way in the endless war against high fashion. The clearest evidence of this is the arrival of the innovations coming from Virgil Abloh - Louis Vuitton's new creative director at Men's Fashion Week this year. This is the first time the men's collection of this prestigious brand has been created at the hands of a "pagan" designer with strange starting point and street-style designs like Virgil Abloh.


The collection has attracted the attention of many fans worldwide by combining a well-known brand with high-end designs and a young designer who owns trendy street style. At the same time, they also appear at an international event, with the participation of A-listed stars in the front row.

The appearance of Virgil Abloh in the largest brand of LVMH Group is a real turning point for the fashion world. One of France's oldest fashion pioneers, instead of choosing traditional designers who are working for large brands with high-end fashion, has handed over the job to a young name in the fashion industry with dusty and liberal street style.


Abloh was first a civil engineer who understood architecture, and later he turned into a stylist for rapper Kanye West. This man is a completely surprising choice for Louis Vuitton. He's not just a designer, Virgil Abloh is considered a creator with an awareness of the necessity of bringing street fashion to the luxury world in front of many others.

By 2018, style is not just a lifestyle, it's a career. It is not just about grasping, sewing or recognizing all the fabrics in the world to create new shades related to the fashion industry. Today, it is important to understand the image of the consumers, understand their idols, the music they hear, the places they go and even what they eat.


In the era of social networking, fashion seems to have become the essence of a new lifestyle: the costumes we wear need to represent 100% of ourselves. There is no better way of expressing yourself than our daily dresses, which luxurious products can hardly do with the majority of users.

Abloh is one of the first designers to understand the importance of linking fashion to reality, to the present, not the future. He admits he does not want to design symbols, but rather creates products of the present.


Holographic Keepall bags can only last a season, but it is not a problem. It is important that new bags, which can drive brand's fans crazy, will continue to show up next season. In fact, customers are now followers, or the ones that follow trends. So if brands want to stay in touch with them, they need a sharp message and fast ability to catch up with the trends, or even create the trends.

 Many people are wondering whether high-end fashion is going down. In fact, high fashion still occupies a strong position and strong development. The Haute Couture Fashion Week is a clear demonstration of this. But it cannot be denied that street fashion is "revenging" high fashion with its growing popularity at the international catwalks and fashion weeks, where luxury fashion has always dominated for many years.

By: Quinn Abrams

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