Marchesa Spring - Summer 2019 Collection: Bridal gowns in fairy forest

Marchesa Spring - Summer 2019 with promising dream-like designs is a great suggestion for future brides.

Marchesa brand was founded by Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig in 2004, specializing in women's apparel and accessories. The duo met at Chelsea College of Art in London. With luxury and somewhat eccentric Italian-style, Georgina and Keren began to produce sophisticated collections in ultimate femininity.

Marchesa is a regular brand chosen as the red carpet dress of many celebs, fashion icons in the world. Some Hollywood actresses appeared in huge events with the brand's designs includes: Penélope Cruz, Blake Lively, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, Selena Gomez, Halle Berry, Leighton Meester, Rihanna, Eva Longoria, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Emma Watson, Olivia Wilde, Kristen Stewart, Nikki Reed, Hailee Steinfeld…

Marchesa always offers their customers dreamy, fairy designs, especially stunningly luxurious wedding dresses. Coming back to Marchesa Spring - Summer 2019 Collection, the talented duo Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig give their fans the story of beautiful fairies hidden in the deep jungle. This collection promises to be perfect bridal gowns for the bride in the next Spring - Summer season.

The muses in Marchesa Spring - Summer 2019 are mysterious and beautiful in breath-taking fairy designs. These dresses are worthy choices for brides who love novelty for their big day.

Georgina and Keren often have various options to showcase their collection to the public, probably on the catwalk with standard performances or through a lookbook. This year, these amazing designers have chosen to launch their designs through a set of mysterious and attractive images. Set in a wild forest, Marchesa Spring - Summer 2019 make their fans feel like living the jungle world of the Sleeping Beauty, getting lost in the land of the fairies or simply mesmerizing a romantic paintings of the Renaissance.

This year, Marchesa gives fashionistas a romantic and poetic fairy tale.

If Spring - Summer of 2018, Goergina and Keren gave the fashion world a brilliant garden with the appearance of countless colors in the collection, the British brand is more refined with gracious shades, neutral and more mysterious colors.

The designs of Marchesa Collection this season do not have many breakthroughs or variations. They focus more on textures and materials.

The marvelous designs of Marchesa are a combination of Georgina's amazing craftsmanship and professional design skills, and Keren's innovative creation with woven fabric.

This year, Georgina and Keren continue to prove their stunning talents by combining their delicate folding ability and unique textile processing technique. Typical materials such as tulle, sheer fabric continue to be used.

Sophisticated hand-crafted details and elaborate jeweleries demonstrate the genius manipulation techniques of Marchesa's designers.

With luxurious, glamorous and classic appearance with Italian style, Marchesa Spring - Summer 2019 collection features strikingly sophisticated and meticulous crafted details. Accessories included in the collection demonstrate genius manipulation techniques from the British brand. These marvelously lavish dresses by Marchesa promise to bring a new wind to future brides, alongside traditional white dresses.

Let's take a closer look at the masterpieces from Marchesa Spring - Summer Collection this year:








By: Quinn Abrams

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