Instagram is now a powerful tool of the fashion industry

Instagram has become a necessary tool and an important sales channel in the fashion business strategy of companies.

In the context of economic hardship, the fashion industry has turned to digital technology. Images and social networks have become a key element in the company's fashion business strategy. Today, social networking in general and Instagram in particular have become a necessary tool and may even be an important sales channel for fashion brands.

In essence, Instagram is well suited to the fashion industry in which imagery and community are essential elements since people tend to shop according to the majority’s taste or the style of celebrities.

Rihanna in a Prada design.

Jérôme Viala, Executive Vice President of Lectra, a provider of technology solutions for the fashion, automotive and furniture industries once said in 2017 that 90% of Instagram users were under 35.

Social network users often focus on applicability and care about image quality of fashion products. Another characteristic is that they want to buy the product quickly and the social environment responds very well. Instagram has recently updated its "store" mode while also offering features that allow brands to stream live events backstage.

“When this generation wants to buy a product or service, they have to be able to make the purchase immediately,” said Viala.

For brands like Chanel, the important thing in marketing is targeting the customers through Instagram. "Familiar" is the keyword in Chanel's customer psychology analysis, from then the direction of media content and the development of promotion strategy will be extremely effective.

Instagram is a powerful tool in Chanel's business strategy.

Chanel's world opens to Instagram followers through casual random chats between two brand ambassadors, behind-the-scenes footage of fashion shows, product images, or brief new campaign content... Everything is gathered to convey the philosophy of the brand directly and it’s also very effective in modernizing the image of the brand as well as reaching young target customers.

Chanel’s communication plan with Instagram was highly invested, and they even have their own Instagram site management team in Paris. By managing marketing events, fashion shows, 2016 Cannes Film Festival 2016 has made Chanel the luxury brand with the most followers with 25 million followers, surpassing Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Dior.

Online shopping is also easier with Instagram.

Each brand adopts its own Instagram strategy, such as Chanel and Hermès want to focus on providing an experience for visual viewers of fashion collections or displaying brand images and heritages. Gucci and Dior lead the story of the brand and the collections as well as public the participation of celebs in their events.

This is also true for some online brands such as Dollar Shave Club, Jimmy Fairly, Casper or Sézane. The brand's appeal begins with direct discussions with customers. The founder of Sézane, Morgane Sézalory explained: “I genuinely believe that a job becomes fascinating when it gives a lot back in exchange. And that’s also true for my clients, with whom I have had daily links for 12 years. This dialogue is captivating and encouraging and Instagram has amplified it. This proximity enables me to stay in tune with them”.

According to designer Morgane Sézalory, that the prerequisite for success on Instagram is in good content planning.

By: Olivia Mendoza

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